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Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada Bonus Codes 2021 NFL Promo Codes Bonus CodesBonusRedeem

2021 Bovada Bitcoin Bonus Codes

Bitcoin, the popular digital currency, is revolutionizing how we trade and use money. As electronic cash, it’s fast and easy to use. Bovada members can score a 100% Bitcoin Casino Match Bonus up to $1,000 – redeemable three times – and a 75% Bitcoin Match bonus up to $750 to bet on sports.

OfferBonus CodeBonus Amount
SportsBTCSWB750  75% Match Bonus up to $750
CasinoNEWWELCOME100% Match Bonus up to $1,000
(Redeemable 3X)

Bovada Sportsbook Bonus Codes

To receive your Welcome Bonus, simply redeem it, make a deposit and instantly receive a 50% bonus up to $250. Once your deposit is processed, your bonus will be available for wagering within 30 minutes. This bonus can only be redeemed on your FIRST DEPOSIT. Bonus is eligible for use in Sports, Horses, and Casino. You may use your bonus on any sport, wager type and odds. See Details.

Refer A Friend Bonus

Spread the word with Bovada’s boosted Refer-a-Friend bonus. It’s now that much easier to cash in on your friends. Score 200% of your friends’ first deposits, up to $100. Refer as many friends as you want to pocket unlimited bonuses. See Details

Bovada Casino Bonus Codes

If you’re looking for excitement, then give Bovada casino a try. They are giving away $3,000 in welcome bonuses, allowing you to explore over 300 entertaining slots and classic casino games. The great news is that Bovada is giving you three times the welcome. Grab your bonus code and redeem it up to three times. See Details

About Bovada Sportsbook

In Business Since: 1995
Location: San Jose, Costa Rica
Minimum Deposit: $20
Maximum Deposit: $1000/per day
Deposit Methods: Bitcoin, Visa, Master Card, Click2Pay, eWalletXpress, Phone Card, Neteller (Non U.S.), Moneybookers (Non U.S.), Bank Wire
Sign-up Bonus: 50% (up to $250) for sports, 100% match bonus up to $500 for casino, 100% bonus for poker players.
Minimum Bet: Online: $5 Phone: $50

How to Bet on Bovada

Bovada Sports Available

Each state can limit what sports can be bet on so the menu can change. Some states do not allow betting on college games played by teams in the state. Some may ban pro teams in their state. Below is a general betting menu of available sports for all states served Bovada.

·        Baseball

·        Basketball

·        Boxing

·        Football

·        Golf

·        Hockey

·        MMA

·        NASCAR

·        Soccer

·        Tennis

Bovada Bet Options

Big matches come with plenty of betting options across different categories. The bookmaker is really aiming to have something for everyone.

  • Spread
  • Money Line
  • Total
  • Props / Team & Player
  • In-play / Live Betting
  • Futures Bets
  • Parlays
  • Teasers
  • Asian handicap
  • Derivatives
  • Alternative Spreads
  • Alternative Totals

Bovada Sports Betting Slip

It is easy to make a bet. Below is an NFL betting slip. I have chosen for bets and the betting slip provides me three options.

  • Make a straight bet
  • Make a parlay bet
  • Make a round robin bet

All three options are available on the same betting slip to save time.

bovada sports betting slip

Bovada Sports and Event Betting Rules

  1. All sporting and non-sporting events must take place on the date and at the site scheduled – unless otherwise specified. Time changes within a day do not affect wagers. If an event is postponed, rescheduled and/or relocated before it starts, that event will automatically be graded ‘No Action‘ and your money will be refunded to your Bovada account.

    2. For betting purposes, the winner of an event or game will be determined on the date of the event’s conclusion, and according to house wagering rules and regulations.

    3. Bovada does not recognize suspended games, protests or overturned decisions for wagering purposes.

  2. Team Win Totals (for All Sports and non-sporting events): All Team win totals are for the regular season unless stated otherwise. In the event of a game cancellation that is not replayed during the season, all wagers still have action unless the result of the cancelled game(s) would impact the result. In cases where the unplayed game(s) would have an impact of the result, all wagers will be settled No Action.
  3. Specials (All Sports): For all wagers in Specials or Entertainment categories, if a prop has no scheduled start date and information can be released that would decide the result of a wager, all wagers placed on the day where the information becomes public knowledge (Eastern Standard Time) will be settled No Action.

Bovada General Rules

Please note that you will not be offered compensation of any nature for bets that are not accepted by Bovada Casino and Sportsbook’s transaction server, no matter the reason. Conversely, bets are valid when they are accepted by the transaction server, even if you aren’t assigned a reference number. If you have any doubts regarding the validity of your bet, check your Bovada Casino and Sportsbook cash statement and/or contact Customer Service immediately. You can access your cash statement by clicking here or by clicking on the Transactions button under the Account menu. Always check your Bovada account statement after placing your bets.

1. All rules, regulations, and payoffs hitherto for are prone to revision by Bovada Casino and Sportsbook without prior written notice to Bovada members.

2. The management of Bovada Casino and Sportsbook reserves the right to refuse or limit any bet and to restrict betting on any event at any time without advance notice. 

3. Bovada Casino and Sportsbook accepts cash only as payment for bets. Before betting, you must open a Bovada Casino and Sportsbook cash account. You are responsible for keeping yourself informed of your account balance and account history.

4. All winnings will be credited to your Bovada Casino and Sportsbook account, and all losses will be deducted from the same account.

  • Bets without valid proof of payment will not be accepted, nor will bets made when you have insufficient funds in your account to cover the minimum bet requirement. 
  • Credit is not given for bets. All bets must be covered when made. 
  1. Any and all bets placed in an attempt in any way to defraud Bovada Casino and Sportsbook and/or made by or contracted by any bookmaker, gambling syndicate, and/or any person, parties, organization, friends or  relatives either individually or in partnership or in conjunction with any other person, parties, organization, friends, relatives, firms or corporations in any manner whatsoever who carry on or become engaged in or concerned with or interested in or advise, lend money to, guarantee the debts or obligations of any business of the kind or similar to the kind of business of Bovada Casino and Sportsbook shall be voided and the balances in said player accounts related to these bets that were paid by Bovada Casino and Sportsbook shall be refunded automatically to Bovada Casino and Sportsbook.
  • Anyone deemed to be betting in a syndicate-like fashion so as to receive either cash winnings or activity bonuses will have all winnings and bonus activity payouts from said activity withheld and will not receive a payout of any kind in direct relation to the aforementioned. Bovada Casino and Sportsbook also reserves the right to keep the principle of any bet placed in an attempt to defraud the house of any bonus monies, whether a player does this on his/her own or in collusion with other players or other sportsbooks.
  • Reverse Activity is not permitted. Reverse Activity is described as betting both sides of a single event for the purpose of falsely achieving a stated minimum amount of betting activity in order to qualify for bonuses. 
  • Anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited from collecting or placing bets. 
  1. Las Vegas rules, regulations, payoffs and bet types apply where not covered herein. As Bovada Casino and Sportsbook is a foreign company, it does not report players’ account activities, winnings or losses to any government agencies. Therefore, it is your responsibility, if applicable, to report your winnings.​
  2. You can’t cancel, change, or modify your bet in any way once it has been received and accepted by Bovada Casino and Sportsbook. As you are solely responsible for your account transactions, review all bet details for any mistakes, errors or omissions before clicking ‘PLACE BETS’.
  3. Bets will be accepted up to the starting time of the event or sporting event. 
  4. A bet shall be deemed invalid when:
  • It is submitted later than the deadline. 
  • It is completed erroneously or incorrectly. 
  • It is a bet on an obvious line error. 
  • It isn’t accepted by the transaction server for some reason. 
  1. The Dead Heat rule – when you have a multi-outcome prop or event where two winners tie. If a “dead heat” is declared on any event, half the stake is applied to the selection at the full odds and the other half is lost. If there are more than two “dead heat”, the stake is proportioned accordingly (Not including sports where you can wager on the draw or tie option, i.e. soccer). 
  2. Before accepting any bet, the management of Bovada Casino and Sportsbook reserves the right to limit the maximum amount staked. Notwithstanding the foregoing, minimum and maximum bets shall be determined solely and exclusively by Bovada Casino and Sportsbook. See Bet Limits for more information on minimum and maximum bets.
  3. The management of Bovada Casino and Sportsbook monitors all bets to aid in properly settling disputes. Records of all transactions are saved to a file on a backup system. Therefore, in the case of betting disputes, both the management of Bovada Casino and Sportsbook and the player agree that the transaction log database shall serve as the final authority in disputes involving Internet bets. Contests must be lodged within three days of an event outcome being determined. No claims will be honored after this three-day period. Players are solely responsible for verifying the accuracy of all their account transactions.
  4. Any situations not covered by the rules described herein or elsewhere on the Bovada Casino and Sportsbook website will be settled by applying the rules of the Nevada Gaming Commission. However, the rules of Bovada Casino and Sportsbook are final. Note the management of Bovada Casino and Sportsbook reserves the right to refuse bets that differ from posted Las Vegas lines by four points or more. 
  5. You are liable for any unauthorised use of your account number and password. Therefore, it is in your best interest to guard them from unauthorised use. If your account number and/or password are lost or compromised, contact Bovada Casino and Sportsbook immediately. Once notified, Bovada Casino and Sportsbook will freeze your account to bar further access.
  6. It must be understood that printed odds are for information purposes only and that they are subject to change. However, with the exception of obvious line errors, the odds that are quoted at the time bets and are accepted shall be deemed valid and will be used to determine winners, losers and ties. Bovada Casino, Sportsbook and Racebook shall maintain a record of all final scores and results, and statistics to protect both players and Bovada Casino and Sportsbook in the case of obvious mechanical or human error.
  • Bovada Casino and Sportsbook are not liable for printing or other errors relative to the transfer of information.
  • Bovada Casino and Sportsbook reserves the right to inform the public of obvious mistakes/errors (i.e., the incorrect posting of odds), and to make the appropriate adjustments. 
  • In the case of an obvious error on a posted line, any and all single bets will be graded “Void” and all money to cover said bets will be returned to players’ accounts. Parlays involving such lines will be reduced accordingly. Bovada Casino and Sportsbook will adjust the line appropriately to remedy the situation, and the line replacing the obvious error will be deemed the true line or odds for betting purposes. This rule must be understood and accepted by players who notice the error.
  1. 1If cash is credited to your account in error, it is your responsibility to notify Bovada Casino and Sportsbook of the aforesaid error without delay. Any winnings realized after the error, whether directly or indirectly subsequent to the error but before notifying Bovada Casino and Sportsbook shall be void.
  2. Mythical MatchAn imaginary match that involves two teams who will not be playing against each other. The result of this match will be decided by the number of goals scored by the teams involved in their actual fixtures on the same calendar day.


  1. If both teams score the same number of goals, the ‘draw’ option is the winner.
  2. If a match is postponed, regular postponed match rules apply.
  3. If a match is abandoned, regular abandoned match rules apply.
  1. Rule 4 Deduction– we may apply this deduction to your winnings should a player or team withdraw from an event or sports event prior to the event starting, but following the placement of your wager.

A Rule 4 Deduction is made when a player(s) or team (s) withdraws from an event, prior to the event starting, making it easier and/or more likely that the remaining participants in the field will win.  Effectively, each participant remaining in the field will have fewer competitors, making it more likely that your selection would win in comparison to the original odds.

The amount of the Rule 4 Deduction is dependent on the likelihood the withdrawn player/ team would win the event.  The table below shows the amount of the deduction based on the price of the participant that has withdrawn.

Price of withdrawn participant at time of bet placement

Rule 4 Deduction*

1/9 or shorter


2/11 to 2/17


1/4 to 1/5


3/10 to 2/7


2/5 to 1/3


8/15 to 4/9


8/13 to 4/7


4/5 to 4/6


20/21 to 5/6


Even to 6/5


5/4 to 6/4


8/5 to 7/4


9/5 to 9/4


12/5 to 3/1


16/5 to 4/1


9/2 to 11/2


6/1 to 9/1


10/1 to 14/1


Over 14/1

No deduction

* Deductions are the amount of money taken from each $1.00 in winnings

Bovada Sports Betting Bonus

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