Wide Receiver

NFL Wide Receiver Prop Spread Betting Analytics

Below is the ROI by bet type for each NFL running back for the 2017 – 2019 seasons. The ROI is based on betting $100 on an event ( completions & over, interceptions & under..etc) every week the bet was offered. The red is a negative return and black is a positive return.

(Win-Loss (always $100 on each bet)=profit/loss.

Wide Reciever Prop Bet Results for 2017-18-19

PlayerProp Bets
wdt_IDPlayerProp BetsBetsWinLossPushOver ROIUnder ROI
1 A.J. BrownAll Bets2812133-262.764.6
2 A.J. Brown Receiving Yards1587-10.3-144.6
3 A.J. Brown Receptions13463-252.5209.2
4 A.J. GreenAll Bets501832-1,758.41,127.2
5 A.J. Green Receiving Yards25916-845.2577.1
6 A.J. Green Receptions25916-913.2550.1
7 Adam HumphriesAll Bets532924254.9-714.7
8 Adam Humphries Receiving Yards271512208.1-491.0
9 Adam Humphries Receptions26141246.8-223.7
10 Adam ThielenAll Bets7632422-1,598.9805.1