Wide Receiver Results

NFL Wide Receiver Prop Bets Results Database

** Updated 01/25/20

NFL Wide Receiver Prop Bets Stats 2017-20

PlayerProp BetsPosTeamOppH/ALineResultOveroW/LUnderuW/LWeek
wdt_IDPlayerProp BetsPosTeamOppH/ALineResultOveroW/LUnderuW/LWeek
1 A.J. Brown Receiving YardsWRTENKCAway60.551-105Loss-125.0Win19NFL20
2 A.J. Brown ReceptionsWRTENKCAway3.53120Loss-160.0Win19NFL20
3 Allen Lazard Receiving YardsWRGBSFAway32.536-125Win-105.0Loss19NFL20
4 Allen Lazard ReceptionsWRGBSFAway2.53110Win-140.0Loss19NFL20
5 Corey Davis Receiving YardsWRTENKCAway35.565-115Win-115.0Loss19NFL20
6 Corey Davis ReceptionsWRTENKCAway3.05-165Win125.0Loss19NFL20
7 Davante Adams Receiving YardsWRGBSFAway87.5138100Win-130.0Loss19NFL20
8 Davante Adams ReceptionsWRGBSFAway7.09-110Win-120.0Loss19NFL20
9 Deebo Samuel Receiving YardsWRSFGBHome50.546105Loss-135.0Win19NFL20
10 Deebo Samuel ReceptionsWRSFGBHome4.02-120Loss-110.0Win19NFL20

How to use the WR Prop Bet Database

Bet Type: Combined, Receiving

Event: Receiving Yards, Receptions

Player: Player Name

Team: Players Team

Opp: Opposing Team

H/A: Player at Home / Away

Line: Betting Line on Over / Under

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Odds: Odds or Payout

O/U: Over / Under

Results: Player Game Result

Margin: Difference Between Result & Line

W/L/P: Win, Lose, Push

ROI: Based on a $100 Bet – All loses are -$100

Week: Based on 17 Week Regular Season

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Example of Kelvin Benjamin Results

Below I have WR Kelvin Benjamin 2017 prop betting results. The filter criteria I chose are: Kelvin for player, O to get only the Over bet results and, H for only home games.

The results are pictured below and offer a quick view of how he did. Five bets on the over covered. Two bets lost and there was one push.

WR Prop Bet Database Example

WR Prop Bet Database Example