Tight End Results

NFL Tight End Prop Bets Results Database

** Updated 01/25/20

NFL Tight Ends Prop Bets Stats 2017-20

PlayerProp BetsPosTeamOppH/ALineResultOveroW/LUnderuW/LWeek
wdt_IDPlayerProp BetsPosTeamOppH/ALineResultOveroW/LUnderuW/LWeek
1 George Kittle Receiving YardsTESFGBHome74.519110Loss-140Win19NFL20
2 George Kittle ReceptionsTESFGBHome6.01110Loss-145Win19NFL20
3 Jimmy Graham Receiving YardsTEGBSFAway25.559-115Win-115Loss19NFL20
4 Jimmy Graham ReceptionsTEGBSFAway2.54-125Win-105Loss19NFL20
5 Jonnu Smith Receiving YardsTETENKCAway29.538-115Win-115Loss19NFL20
6 Jonnu Smith ReceptionsTETENKCAway2.53-120Win-110Loss19NFL20
7 Travis Kelce Receiving YardsTEKCTENHome84.530105Loss-135Win19NFL20
8 Travis Kelce ReceptionsTEKCTENHome6.53110Loss-155Win19NFL20
9 Anthony Firkser Receiving YardsTETENBALAway17.50-115Loss-115Win19NFL19
10 Darren Fells Receiving YardsTEHOUKCAway29.522105Loss-135Win19NFL19

How to use TE Prop Bet Database

Bet Type: Combined, Receiving

Event: Receiving Yards, Receptions

Player: Player Name

Team: Players Team

Opp: Opposing Team

H/A: Player at Home / Away

Line: Betting Line on Over / Under

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Odds: Odds or Payout

O/U: Over / Under

Results: Player Game Result

Margin: Difference Between Result & Line

W/L/P: Win, Lose, Push

ROI: Based on a $100 Bet – All loses are -$100

Week: Based on 17 Week Regular Season

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Example of Rob Gronkowski 2017 Results:

I entered in “Gronk” for the player filter to get all of Rob Gronkowski’s results. I then added an “O” to the over filter to just have the betting results of over bets. I then added an “A” to the H/A (Home or Away) filter to just get his road results.

Overall, his results were just 9 and 7 to the over. However, you should look at the ROI tab to see that even though he covered the over more than 56% of the time. Betting the over would have made very little money.

The ROI tab is based on a $100 bet on both the over and the under. All losing bets are listed as -$100. A winning bet is adjusted to the amount that would have been won. Odds of -200 on a $100 bet would have an ROI of $50.

Taking a look at the math. The “Over” failed to cover 7 times for a -$700 return and the “Over” covered 9 times for a +$713.25 return. Betting the “Over” on Gronk on the road in 2017 would have netted $13.25 for the season.

TE Prop Betting Database Example

TE Prop Betting Database Example