Running Backs

NFL Running Back Prop Spread Betting Analytics

Below is the ROI by bet type for each NFL running back for the 2017 – 2019 seasons. The ROI is based on betting $100 on an event ( completions & over, interceptions & under..etc) every week the bet was offered. The red is a negative return and black is a positive return.

(Win-Loss (always $100 on each bet)=profit/loss.

Running Back Prop Bet Results for 2017-18-19

PlayerProp BetRow Labels
wdt_IDPlayerProp BetBetsOverUnderPushRow LabelsOVER ROIUNDER ROI
1 Aaron JonesAll Bets7528461 Aaron Jones-2,204.71,395.6
2 Aaron Jones Receiving Yards16610 Receiving Yards-468.8279.6
3 Aaron Jones Receptions18891 Receptions-255.649.1
4 Aaron Jones Rush & Rec Yards1459 Rush & Rec Yards-486.2294.8
5 Aaron Jones Rushing Yards27918 Rushing Yards-994.1772.0
6 Adrian PetersonAll Bets411922 Adrian Peterson-543.8-3.8
7 Adrian Peterson Receiving Yards422 Receiving Yards-53.3-39.7
8 Adrian Peterson Receptions312 Receptions-133.361.9
9 Adrian Peterson Rush & Rec Yards312 Rush & Rec Yards-100.073.9
10 Adrian Peterson Rushing Yards311516 Rushing Yards-257.1-99.8