Running Back Results

NFL Running Back Prop Bets Results Database

** Updated 01/25/20

NFL Running Back Prop Bets Stats 2017-20

PlayerProp BetsPosTeamOppH/ALineResultOveroW/LUnderuW/LWeek
wdt_IDPlayerProp BetsPosTeamOppH/ALineResultOveroW/LUnderuW/LWeek
1 Aaron Jones Receiving YardsRBGBSFAway25.527-115Win-115Loss19NFL20
2 Aaron Jones ReceptionsRBGBSFAway3.05-110Win-120Loss19NFL20
3 Aaron Jones Rush & Rec YardsRBGBSFAway93.583-115Loss-115Win19NFL20
4 Aaron Jones Rushing AttemptsRBGBSFAway15.512-115Loss-115Win19NFL20
5 Aaron Jones Rushing YardsRBGBSFAway68.556-145Loss110Win19NFL20
6 Damien Williams Receiving YardsRBKCTENHome29.544100Win-130Loss19NFL20
7 Damien Williams ReceptionsRBKCTENHome3.05120Win-160Loss19NFL20
8 Damien Williams Rush & Rec YardsRBKCTENHome90.589-115Loss-115Win19NFL20
9 Damien Williams Rushing AttemptsRBKCTENHome14.517-120Win-110Loss19NFL20
10 Damien Williams Rushing YardsRBKCTENHome60.545-115Loss-115Win19NFL20

How to use Running Back Prop Bet Database

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Bet Type: Combined, Receiving, Rushing

Event: Rushing Yards, Receiving Yards, Combined Rushing & Receiving Yards, Receptions

Player: Player Name

Team: Players Team

Opp: Opposing Team

H/A: Player at Home / Away

Line: Betting Line on Over / Under

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Odds: Odds or Payout

O/U: Over / Under

Results: Player Game Result

Margin: Difference Between Result & Line

W/L/P: Win, Lose, Push

ROI: Based on a $100 Bet – All loses are -$100

Week: Based on 17 Week Regular Season

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Jay Ajayi Prop Betting Example

I used “Jay Ajayi” for my player filter. After that I only chose “O” in the O/U tab to filter only over bets. I left the team open so you can see results for both the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles.

The results for betting on the over would have netted just 8 wins out of 21 bets. The breakdown by team had the over covering 6 times and failing to cover 9 times when he played for the Miami Dolphins and at Philadelphia he covered just 2 out of the 6 times prop bets were offered in the regular season.

If you wanted to make money on Jay Ajayi in 2017 the under bet was a nice money maker. Just change the O/U filter to a “U” and take a look for yourself.

RB Example Prop Betting Results

RB Example Prop Betting Results