NFL Quarterback Prop Spread Betting Analytics

Below are the NFL player prop betting quarterback results for the 2017,  2018 & 2019 regular season games. Prop bet odds are not posted for all games. If a game has no playoff implications at the end of the season or if a quarterback is a game time decision then odds may not be posted for that game. Only results that went over or under the total are posted below.

Searchable NFL Quarterback Results

Use the database to search for which quarterbacks did better on the over or under bets. You can also search by bet type, such as interceptions or passing yards. The overall results are listed as “All Bets”. This will give you an overall win loss and ROI for each quarterback.

The odds used are from Bovada Sportsbook.

ROI is based on a $100 bet on each bet type. An example would be on Tom Brady passing yards. If the prop odds were OVER/UNDER 295.5 passing yards in a game with -110 on the OVER and UNDER. If he went OVER the total then the OVER ROI would be a positive $90.90 and the UNDER ROI would be (-$100). All losing bets are a negative $100 when computing the ROI.

To see who was the best OVER or UNDER by bet type just select the prop bet and then sort the column to have the top player ROI at the top. Sort it twice to get the best ROI for OVERs & UNDERs.

To see each individual bet, line, odds & results see our

NFL Player Prop Bets Database