Quarterback Results

NFL Quarterback Prop Bets Results Database

** Updated 01/25/20

NFL Quarterback Prop Bets Stats 2017-20

PlayerProp BetsPosTeamOppH/ALineResultOveroW/LUnderuW/LWeek
wdt_IDPlayerProp BetsPosTeamOppH/ALineResultOveroW/LUnderuW/LWeek
1 Aaron Rodgers CompletionsQBGBSFAway21.531-110Win-120Loss19NFL20
2 Aaron Rodgers InterceptionsQBGBSFAway0.52-165Win125Loss19NFL20
3 Aaron Rodgers Passing AttemptsQBGBSFAway33.539100Win-130Loss19NFL20
4 Aaron Rodgers Passing YardsQBGBSFAway244.5326-125Win-105Loss19NFL20
5 Aaron Rodgers Rushing YardsQBGBSFAway13.50110Loss-145Win19NFL20
6 Aaron Rodgers Touchdown PassesQBGBSFAway1.52-110Win-120Loss19NFL20
7 Jimmy Garoppolo CompletionsQBSFGBHome20.56-135Loss105Win19NFL20
8 Jimmy Garoppolo InterceptionsQBSFGBHome0.50135Loss-180Win19NFL20
9 Jimmy Garoppolo Passing AttemptsQBSFGBHome30.58-135Loss105Win19NFL20
10 Jimmy Garoppolo Passing YardsQBSFGBHome240.577-130Loss100Win19NFL20

How to use the Quarterback Prop Bet Database

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Bet Type: Passing, Rushing

Event: Completions, Interceptions, Passing Attempts, Passing Yards, Rushing Yards, TD Passes

Player: Player Name

Team: Players Team

Opp: Opposing Team

H/A: Player at Home / Away

Line: Betting Line on Over / Under

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Results: Final Stat

Odds_O: Odds for an Over Bet

W/L/P/_O: Win, Loss, Push on a over bet

Odds_U: Odds for an Under Bet

W/L/P/_U: Win, Loss, Push on a under bet

W/L/P: Win, Lose, Push

Week: Year is first number and week is the last

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Tom Brady Prop Betting Example

I used “Bardy” for the player filter and I used “H” for the Home/Away filter. This provided all of Tom Brady’s prop bet results for the last two years at home. If I had wanted to narrow it down even more I could have chosen BUF (Buffalo Bills) as an opponent to have only the four games he played against the Bills over the last two seasons. If I was looking for just one event. Lets say, touchdowns. I could have entered “Brady” in player name filter and “touchdowns” in the event filter.

The Green highlight means that the bet covered. The bets are all over / under bets so if one is a winner the other must be a loser which is highlighted in Red. The other outcome would be a push. This is rare but sometimes does happen. They are highlighted in Gold.