NFL Playoffs Prop Bets Results

NFL Playoffs Prop Bets Results

We use Bovada sportsbook odds for our prop bet database. Bovada is located in Canada, in business for over 20 years & is our top pick for NFL prop betting.

NFL Playoffs Prop Bets Results - 2020

PlayerProp BetsPosTeamOppH/ALineOveroW/LUnderuW/LWeek
wdt_IDPlayerProp BetsPosTeamOppH/ALineResultOveroW/LUnderuW/LWeek
1 A.J. Brown Receiving YardsWRTENBALAway60.59-125Loss-105Win19NFL19
2 A.J. Brown ReceptionsWRTENBALAway3.51-145Loss110Win19NFL19
3 Aaron Jones Receiving YardsRBGBSEAHome25.54-145Loss110Win19NFL19
4 Aaron Jones ReceptionsRBGBSEAHome3.01-125Loss-105Win19NFL19
5 Aaron Jones Rush & Rec YardsRBGBSEAHome99.566-145Loss110Win19NFL19
6 Aaron Jones Rushing AttemptsRBGBSEAHome15.521-125Win-105Loss19NFL19
7 Aaron Jones Rushing YardsRBGBSEAHome74.562-125Loss-105Win19NFL19
8 Aaron Rodgers CompletionsQBGBSEAHome21.516-120Loss-110Win19NFL19
9 Aaron Rodgers InterceptionsQBGBSEAHome0.50135Loss-180Win19NFL19
10 Aaron Rodgers Passing AttemptsQBGBSEAHome34.027-115Loss-115Win19NFL19

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Week: 19NFL18 = Wild Card Games, 19NFL19 = Divisional Playoffs, 19NFL20 = Championship Games

AFC Teams

BAL (Baltimore Ravens)

BUF (Buffalo Bills),

KC (Kansas City Chiefs)

NE ( New England Patiots),

HOU (Houston Texans),

TEN (Tennessee Titans),

NFC Teams

GB (Green Bay Packers)

MIN (Minnesota Vikings),

NO (New Orleans Saints),

PHI (Philadelphia Eagles),

SEA (Seattle Seahawks)

SF (San Francisco 49ers)