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How to bet on the NFL Online

How to start Betting the NFL Online

How do I open a sports betting account and bet on the NFL online?

First Step: Pick an online sportsbook

This is one of the hardest steps. We have been involved in online and Las Vegas sports wagering for over 25 years. Our top picks are listed under sportsbook reviews

Second Step: Open an account

On the sportsbook’s page you will find a link to the “sign up” or “join” or “register” page where new accounts are opened. On the sign up page you will get a form that is similar to those when you are buying something online. Please read terms and conditions, you will get further information that will instruct you how to activate your sportsbook account and redeem your bonus offers.

Third Step: Make a deposit

Although most online sportsbooks let you create a sports betting account without making a deposit, with some you will have to make a deposit to open an account. Also if you want to collect a sign up bonus, you will have to make a deposit, usually in a certain time period after you have created your account. Common forms of deposit are; Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Skrill, Bank Wires and, many more depending on the sportsbook.

Fourth Step: Make your first bet

After you have money in your sportsbook account you will be able to place bets up to the amount you have on your sports betting account or the sportsbooks maximum bet. You can find the minimum and maximum bet in your bookies terms and conditions.

How to Bet on the NFL Online

You need to have an NFL betting strategy to be able to maximize your wins and minimize your losses.

NFL Sports Betting Bankroll

The first step is to put aside money that you can lose. Not a great thought but one of the most important things in gambling. This money is known as a bankroll. Make bets with the entire season in mind and not just one weekend.

Don’t be a fan be a gambler

When it comes to sports betting there are two types. People who want to have a little action on “their” team and people who are in it to win. Both can have fun gambling. If you are in it to have a little fun and bet on your team then just be realistic. Make smaller bets on your team. Hey, if you bet them and they win you get the fun of a fan watching his team win and making a little money. The second type of sports gambler is only interested in the money. He can bet against his childhood team if he thinks he can get a could line. Be honest about which one you are. Well, there is a third type. This is the guy who knows he cannot bet on his team but is still in it for the money. In the NFL if he is a Dallas Cowboy fan he just doesn’t bet on Cowboy games. This takes dicsiplin because there will be times when the fan in him starts to convince the gambler that the Cowboys are a sure thing. If you can do this then you can have the best of both worlds.

Line Shopping * I repeat Line Shopping

If you are not a line shopper then you are not a sports bettor. It is like saying you are a poker player but not taking the time to learn which poker hands beat other poker hands.There are hundreds of online sportsbooks to make a bet at. I always recommend that you have at least 3 online NFL sports betting accounts so you can quickly take advantage of a line in your favor. The secret to this is you must get the accounts set up before you need them. Nothing worse than seeing the team you want to bet on at -3.5 at your sportsbook while another has them at -3.

Buy the Hook * Bet -3 not -3.5

Have you ever lost a game by the hook? Let’s say it’s 20 minutes till game time and you want to bet on the Dallas Cowboys -3, but by the time you are about to place your bet it’s -3.5. Don’t just take the -3.5 points. Check other NFL online betting sites. See if any of them have -3. Even if it is at -120 instead of -110 it is worth it. Never ever ever ever ever bet on an NFL game at -3.5 or -7.5 if you can avoid it. Ask the sportsbook if they will let you “buy the hook”. This means buying half a point. It usually costs a dime but it is worth it. An example of “buying the hook” would be making a bet at an online sportsbook with the posted odds of the Cowboys -3.5. You “buy down” the spread by half a point to -3. The sportsbook will charge a dime (10 on the line) for this. Instead of betting the Cowboys at -3.5 for -110. You bet them at -3 for -120. Should you always “buy the hook”? No, most lines it doesn’t matter. However, 3.5 & 7.5 do matter.

Don’t live or die on every game

You will lose. Even if you do all of the right things you will lose games you should have won. Yes the “bad beats” in sports betting are numerous. Learn to love sports betting. Not just when you win but when you play. I have seen professional gamblers who can no longer enjoy the game. They have gotten so lost in gambling that even winning no longer brings them pleasure. Take a step back and remember that if it is a profession. Then like a salesman who loses a client or a stock trader who makes a bad pick. There will be more opportunities tomorrow. I always recommend that a gambler should have at least one day off a week if not two. You should treat it like a job and enjoy a weekend away from the game. During the NFL season I like to take Tuesday and Wednesday off. Honestly, sometimes it is just Tuesday because of college football but that day is spent not even thinking about football or a sportsbook.