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Packers vs Buccaneers Prop Bets Results Week 06

Green Bay Packers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers Prop Bets Results Week 06 Bovada Odds

The Green Bay Packers played the Tampa Bay Buccaneers week 6 of this season with the Bucs winning 38 to 10. In that game Aaron Rodgers threw 2 interceptions and no touchdowns while Tom Brady had 3 touchdowns and no interceptions. The Packers lead 10-0 at the end of the first quarter but the Bucs scored 28 second quarter points to take control of the game. Below are the NFL player prop betting odds and results from Bovada sportsbook.

Green Bay Packers Player Prop Bets Results

PlayerBetting EventPOSLineResultOverO-WLPUnderU-WLP
 Aaron Rodgers CompletionsQB26.516-115Loss-115Win
 Aaron Rodgers InterceptionsQB0.52150Win-200Loss
 Aaron Rodgers Passing AttemptsQB41.535110Loss-145Win
 Aaron Rodgers Passing YardsQB304.5160-105Loss-125Win
 Aaron Rodgers Rushing YardsQB10.514-115Win-115Loss
 Aaron Rodgers Touchdown PassesQB1.50-250Loss185Win
 Aaron Jones Receiving YardsRB30.526-115Loss-115Win
 Aaron Jones ReceptionsRB4.53135Loss-180Win
 Aaron Jones Rush & Rec YardsRB100.541-115Loss-115Win
 Aaron Jones Rushing AttemptsRB18.510115Loss-150Win
 Aaron Jones Rushing YardsRB67.515-115Loss-115Win
 Robert Tonyan Receiving YardsTE43.525-105Loss-125Win
 Robert Tonyan ReceptionsTE3.53-130Loss100Win
 Robert TonyanLongest ReceptionTE18.511-115Loss-115Win
 Davante Adams Receiving YardsWR88.561-115Loss-115Win
 Marquez Valdes Scantling Receiving YardsWR42.532-115Loss-115Win
 Davante Adams ReceptionsWR6.56-150Loss115Win
 Marquez Valdes Scantling ReceptionsWR3.53-105Loss-125Win
 Davante AdamsLongest ReceptionWR26.518-115Loss-115Win
 Marquez Valdes ScantlingLongest ReceptionWR19.515-120Loss-110Win Sportsbook Review Sportsbook
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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Player Prop Bets Results

PlayerBetting EventPOSLineResultOverO-WLPUnderU-WLP
 Tom Brady CompletionsQB25.517-115Loss-115Win
 Tom Brady InterceptionsQB0.50-150Loss115Win
 Tom Brady Passing AttemptsQB42.527-115Loss-115Win
 Tom Brady Passing YardsQB295.5166-115Loss-115Win
 Tom Brady Touchdown PassesQB1.52-190Win145Loss
 Ronald Jones II Receiving YardsRB15.58-115Loss-115Win
 Ronald Jones II ReceptionsRB2.52-130Loss100Win
 Ronald Jones II Rush & Rec YardsRB80.5121-115Win-115Loss
 Ronald Jones II Rushing AttemptsRB14.523-125Win-105Loss
 Ronald Jones II Rushing YardsRB63.5113-120Win-110Loss
 Rob Gronkowski Receiving YardsTE31.578-115Win-115Loss
 Rob Gronkowski ReceptionsTE3.55135Win-180Loss
 Rob GronkowskiLongest ReceptionTE16.531-110Win-120Loss
 Chris Godwin Receiving YardsWR69.548-115Loss-115Win
 Mike Evans Receiving YardsWR60.510-120Loss-110Win
 Scotty Miller Receiving YardsWR30.56-110Loss-120Win
 Chris Godwin ReceptionsWR5.55-120Loss-110Win
 Mike Evans ReceptionsWR4.51-120Loss-110Win
 Scotty Miller ReceptionsWR2.51-110Loss-120Win
 Chris GodwinLongest ReceptionWR24.525-110Win-120Loss
 Mike EvansLongest ReceptionWR23.510-110Loss-120Win
 Scotty MillerLongest ReceptionWR17.56-115Loss-115Win