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MyBookie Rewards Program Free Sports Bets Rewards

MyBookie Sports Betting Rewards Program

Every good online casino and sportsbook offers a rewards program and is no different. When you sign up for a MyBookie account you are automatically enrolled and begin earning stars toward free bets.

Below are the T&C’s of the program

The MY Free Bet Rewards Program is the fastest way to get rewarded on your action.

Place an online bet, collect a star. Collect 10 stars, get a Free Bet. No strings attached. It’s that simple.

The more you bet, the more you earn. Plus, for a limited time, your first wager earns you 3 stars towards your first Free Bet!

How much do I need to wager to qualify?

All real-money sportsbook wagers where the Risk Amount and Win Amount are each $5 or more, earn stars towards your next Free Bet.

Wagers in the Casino and Racebook do not earn stars.

How much money is my FREE BET?

Your Free Bet will be 10% of the average value of the 10 wagers placed. The value of each wager is determined by the lower amount of the Risk or Win.

IE: If you place 10 wagers with an average value of $100, you’ll automatically receive a $10 Free Bet. (10% of $100)

Are there any rollover restrictions?

MY Free Bet Rewards only need to be wagered once. Do that, and the winnings are yours to spend how you please.

What is the difference between pending, confirmed and cancelled stars?

When you make a wager, you automatically receive 1 Pending Star. It will remain a Pending Star until that wager is graded as a win or a loss. Once it is graded (win or loss), it will convert to a Confirmed Star at the end of the day.

All Pending Stars graded as a tie (push) or suspended action, convert into cancelled stars.

When will I receive my first bet?

Your Free Bet is automatically credited to your account once you reach 10 Confirmed Stars.

How much can I earn?

There’s no limit on how many Free Bets you can earn, or how big your Free Bet can be. Just keep betting at MYBookie to instantly earn MY Free Bet Rewards.

Can I opt out?

MY Free Bet Rewards come with no restrictions.