Super Bowl player prop bets ROI

Chiefs & Buccaneers 2020 Player Prop ROI – Bovada Sportsbook Odds

Who should you bet on the over on and who should you bet the under on in Super Bowl LV? The first step is to take a look at how each player did on his prop bets during the 2020 season. If you like betting the over on player props then Cameron Brate was a good bet for you making over $400 in profit.

See the table below:

Return on investment is based on making a $100 wager on every over/under prop bet offered by Bovada sportsbook in 2020.

If you had bet the over on all Antonio Brown props you would have lost $721 in 2020. However, if you bet the under you would have made $431. Why the difference between the two? The vig or odds on player props are usually set at (-115).

Player ROI Chiefs & Bucs 2020 - Bovada Odds

PlayerProp BetTeam
wdt_IDPlayerProp BetTeamOver ROIUnder ROI
1 Antonio BrownAll BetsTB-721.84431.47
2 Antonio BrownLongest ReceptionTB-317.81223.91
3 Antonio BrownReceiving YardsTB-142.1360.87
4 Antonio BrownReceptionsTB-261.90146.69
5 Cameron BrateAll BetsTB415.35-542.13
6 Cameron BrateLongest ReceptionTB173.10-213.04
7 Cameron BrateReceiving YardsTB137.25-229.09
8 Cameron BrateReceptionsTB105.00-100.00
9 Chris GodwinAll BetsTB-24.76-413.93
10 Chris GodwinLongest ReceptionTB-61.26-68.84
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