Texans vs Chiefs Week 01

NFL Picks Week 01 Player Props, Quarters, Game Spread & Totals

The NFL season started on Thursday with the Chiefs defeating the Texans and the Chiefs made me some money! I went 7-0 against the spread . Yes, 7-0 on game, quarter and prop bets.

See for yourself here

Chiefs vs Texans Betting Picks Week 01

Thursday night, Sunday night and Monday night games will have a separate write-up. 

Texans vs Chiefs Picks
Texans vs Chiefs Week 01

NFL Week 01 Spreads & Totals Bets

NFL Week 01 Quarter Spread & Totals Bets

1st Quarter Spread Results 2019

If you are going to bet on quarter spreads & totals it helps to know who covers and who does not. Below is from PropBets.football exclusive 1st Quarter ROI page. We have every quarter broken down for you. The odds are based on PRE SNAP odds so have those ready if you are going to make bets on other quarters.

NFL Week 01 Quarter Spread & Totals Picks


1st Quarter

Detroit Lions -0.5 (+120)

Atlanta Falcons +0.5 (-120)

2nd Quarter

Minnesota Vikings -0.5 (+110)

3rd Quarter

Baltimore Ravens -105 (-115)

4th Quarter

Baltimore Ravens -0.5 (-125)

Atlanta Falcons +0.5 (-150)

First Half

Baltimore Ravens -4.5 (-105)


2nd Quarter

Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns Over 13.5 (-125)



NFL Week 01 Game Spread & Totals Bets

The top teams against the spread are mostly teams that made the playoffs last year. One exception is the Arizona Cardinals. They were not a good team when it came to wins and losses but they were a good ATS team. See both the game spread & totals results with ROI on our Game ROI page

NFL Week 01 Game Spread & Totals Picks


Baltimore Ravens -7.5 (-110)

Green Bay Packers +2.5 (-110)


Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions Under 42.5 (-110)

NFL Week 01 Player Prop Bet Picks

Quarterback Prop Bet ROI on Over Bets 2017-19

What? Yes, we have this in our NFL player prop betting database. Look who has been the best over bet over the last three seasons. Ryan Tannehill on passing touchdowns. All quarterback prop bets? The top two are Jameis Winston & Ryan Fitzpatrick. Who had the highest ROI on betting the over on interceptions? Tom Brady.

NFL Week 01 Player Prop Picks

Ryan Fitzpatrick Passing Yards Over 227.5 (-115)

Mitchel Trubisky Completions Over 22.5 (-115)

Russel Wilson Passing Yards Under 262.5 (-110)

Phillip Rivers Passing Yards Over 241.5 (-110)

Aaron Rodgers Passing Yards Under 248.5 (-110)

Best Bet

Josh Jacobs Rushing Yards Over 82.5 (-110)