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Best Prop Bet for the 2020 NFL Draft a Trifecta Pick using Bovada Odds

NFL Draft 2020 Best Bets Updated April 22nd

A lot of movement in the draft odds so I have updated my picks. Why take a trifecta bet when I can get better odds taking a straight bet. I still like Joe Burrow to be the number one overall pick. The second pick I have slated as Chase Young. That makes the third pick the money pick. Using Bovada odds. I can get a better return by just straight betting Herbert & Tua Tagovailoa.

Best Bets (making both)

Tua Tagovailoa +450

Justin Herbert +600

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NFL Draft Prop Bet
A trifecta bet at Bovada at +375:

#1 Joe Burrow

#2 Chase Young

#3 Tua Tagovailoa

To be 3rd overall pick Tua Tagovailoa +450

NFL Draft Prop Bet
A trifecta bet at Bovada at +450:

#1 Joe Burrow

#2 Chase Young

#3 Justin Herbert

To be 3rd overall pick Justin Herbert +600

#1 Joe Burrow

This is a given. Even if it wasn’t a need area for the Cincinnati Bengals, which it is. The Bengals would take Burrow for the single most important reason the NFL exists. Money. Burrow will sell more jerseys than anyone else the Bengals have on the roster or could draft. That means season ticket holders, food purchases and hundreds of thousands of dollars of free local media.

#2 Chase Young

Not much suspense here. The only way that Chase Young isn’t the second pick is if another team trades up for him. Most scouts have him the best player in the draft and since the Redskins took a quarterback last year they can skip the other 2 big name quarterbacks on the board.

#3 Trifecta Pick

Now it is time to make some money. If you try and bet on Joe Burrow to be the number one pick the odds are a joke. Even Chase Young at number 2 has little value. But, go with a trifecta pick and we have something. The Detroit Lions have the number 3 pick in the draft and there are three ways they can go. The first is to trade the pick and considering the lack of talent on the roster that might not be that bad of an idea. The second option is to go for one of the two remaining quarterbacks and let him learn for a year on the bench. That strategy worked out for the Packers with Aaron Rodgers. The third option for the Lions is to go with a defensive pick. The biggest area of need for the Lions is a defensive back and there is a top CB in the draft Jeffrey Okudah from Ohio State. A top player at a big need position. Just one problem. A cornerback might help you win a game or two but it will not fill the seats.

How sure are Burrow & Young to go number one and two in the NFL draft? BetOnline & MyBookie didn’t even have odds posted for those picks.

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Bovada NFL Draft 2020 Betting Pick

Taking a look at the odds from Bovada for the 1st, 2nd & 3rd pick of the draft there are two picks that standout. The first would be taking a trifecta of: 1st Burrow, 2nd Young, 3rd Okudah. At Bovada this would net a +135. However, if you just straight bet Okudah at Bovada you would also get +135. No value in the parlay bet here. If you wanted to bet on Okudah to be the third pick at BetOnline you would get +125 and MyBookie was offering +120. So, if you bet on Okudah then just straight bet him. The second pick that is intriguing is the trifecta of Burrow number one, Young number two and, Tagovailoa number 3. A quick look of the odds at Bovada has Burrown (-10,000) to be number one, Young (-550) to be number two and Tagovailoa is +165 to be the third pick in the draft. A little math and it is pretty much the same return you will get on a trifecta for these players at +190. The difference here is that you essentially get to parlay your money instead of making three straight bets.

See updated picks above

Best NFL Draft Prop Bet
A trifecta bet at Bovada at +190:

#1 Joe Burrow

#2 Chase Young

#3 Tua Tagovailoa

Bovada NFL Draft 2020 Trifecta Pick & Odds

1Joe BurrowChase YoungTua Tagovailoa190
2Joe BurrowChase YoungJeffrey Okudah135
3Joe BurrowTua TagovailoaChase Young400
4Joe BurrowChase YoungIsaiah Simmons800
5Joe BurrowTua TagovailoaJustin Herbert2200
6Joe BurrowTua TagovailoaJeffrey Okudah2000
7Joe BurrowChase YoungDerrick Brown3500
8Tua TagovailoaJoe BurrowChase Young4000
9Joe BurrowTua TagovailoaIsaiah Simmons3500
10Joe BurrowChase YoungJustin Herbert550
11Joe BurrowChase YoungJordan Love5500
12Joe BurrowTua TagovailoaJordan Love6600
13Tua TagovailoaChase YoungJoe Burrow10000
14Joe BurrowTua TagovailoaDerrick Brown6600
15Tua TagovailoaChase YoungJeffrey Okudah10000
16Tua TagovailoaJoe BurrowJeffrey Okudah8000
17Tua TagovailoaJoe BurrowJustin Herbert10000
18Tua TagovailoaChase YoungJustin Herbert25000

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2020 NFL Draft – 1st Overall Pick

BetOnline & MyBookie didn’t even offer odds on the top pick because of how likely it is that Burrow will be number one in the NFL draft.

Joe Burrow-10000  
Chase Young1100  
Tua Tagovailoa1500  
Justin Herbert2200  
Jeffrey Okudah6600  
Andrew Thomas15000  
Jacob Eason40000  
Jake Fromm40000  
CeeDee Lamb40000  

2020 NFL Draft – 2nd Overall Pick

BetOnline & MyBookie didn’t even offer odds on the second pick because of how likely it is that Young will be number two in the NFL draft.


Chase Young

Tua Tagovailoa325  
Jeff Okudah2500  
Jedrick Wills Jr.6000  
Andrew Thomas10000  
Justin Herbert1500  

2020 NFL Draft – 3rd Overall Pick

BetOnline & MyBookie finally have some odds posted.

Tua Tagovailoa165190165
Jeff Okudah135125120
Chase Young500700500
Isaiah Simmons800650650
Jedrick Wills Jr6000  
Justin Herbert900  
Joe Burrow8500  
Derrick Brown 25001400
Field 800