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Titans vs Chiefs Prop Bet Results Week 10

Titans vs Chiefs Betting Odds & Results Results for Week 10

Kansas City Chiefs vs Tennessee Titans Game Results Using Bovada Odds

Think you are ready to bet on the AFC Championship Game between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans?

What were the odds and results of the first score outcome bet? How about the first player to score a touchdown bet?

If you want to make player prop bets or game bets, then read on because you will see information that only professionals have.

The odds below are all from Bovada sportsbook.

See Chiefs vs Titans Championship Game Here.

I will be making a PDF of the results that you will be able to download for your research. Check back later for it and another one with the Green Bay Packers vs San Francisco 49ers betting results.

Titans vs Chiefs Week 10 Results PDF

What will each teams first score be?

The first score was the favorite which is a touchdown.

Bet DescriptionOutcome DescriptionLineW/LOdds
First Score Method – TitansField Goal0Loss125
First Score Method – TitansTouchdown0Win-175
First Score Method – TitansAny Other0Loss5000
First Score Method – ChiefsField Goal0Loss125
First Score Method – ChiefsTouchdown0Win-175
First Score Method – ChiefsAny Other0Loss5000

Which team will win both the first half and the second half.

Bet DescriptionOutcome DescriptionLineW/LOdds
Double ResultTitans/Titans – REG0Loss350
Double ResultChiefs/Titans – REG0Loss900
Double ResultTie/Titans – REG0Win2000
Double ResultTie/Chiefs – REG0Loss1400
Double ResultTitans/Chiefs – REG0Loss500
Double ResultChiefs/Chiefs – REG0Loss-115
Double ResultTitans/Tie – REG0Loss3500
Double ResultChiefs/Tie – REG0Loss4000
Double ResultTie/Tie – REG0Loss4500

First Half Margin of Victory

Bet DescriptionOutcome DescriptionLineW/LOdds
First Half Winning MarginChiefs by 1-3 points0Loss800
First Half Winning MarginTitans by 1-3 points0Loss1000
First Half Winning MarginChiefs by 4-6 points0Loss900
First Half Winning MarginTitans by 4-6 points0Loss1100
First Half Winning MarginChiefs by 7-9 points0Loss700
First Half Winning MarginTitans by 7-9 points0Loss1100
First Half Winning MarginChiefs by 10-12 points0Loss800
First Half Winning MarginTitans by 10-12 points0Loss1600
First Half Winning MarginChiefs by 13 or more points0Loss260
First Half Winning MarginTitans by 13 or more points0Loss900
First Half Winning MarginTie0Win850

Game Margin of Victory

Bet DescriptionOutcome DescriptionLineW/LOdds
Margin of VictoryChiefs by 1-6 points0Loss320
Margin of VictoryTitans by 1-6 points0Win475
Margin of VictoryChiefs by 7-12 points0Loss400
Margin of VictoryTitans by 7-12 points0Loss850
Margin of VictoryChiefs by 13-18 points0Loss550
Margin of VictoryTitans by 13-18 points0Loss1600
Margin of VictoryChiefs by 19-24 points0Loss850
Margin of VictoryTitans by 19-24 points0Loss3000
Margin of VictoryChiefs by 25-30 points0Loss1400
Margin of VictoryTitans by 25-30 points0Loss5000
Margin of VictoryChiefs by 31-36 points0Loss2500
Margin of VictoryTitans by 31-36 points0Loss8000
Margin of VictoryChiefs by 37-42 points0Loss4000
Margin of VictoryTitans by 37-42 points0Loss10000
Margin of VictoryChiefs by 43+ points0Loss5000
Margin of VictoryTitans by (43+} points0Loss11000

Chiefs vs Titans Quarter Totals

The totals odds are pre-game odds.

Bet DescriptionOutcome DescriptionLineW/LOdds
TotalOver – 1H24Win-120
TotalUnder – 1H24Loss100
TotalOver – 1Q10Push100
TotalUnder – 1Q10Push-130
TotalOver – 2Q14Win-110
TotalUnder – 2Q14Loss-120
TotalOver – 3Q10Win-115
TotalUnder – 3Q10Loss-115
TotalOver – 4Q13.5Win-110
TotalUnder – 4Q13.5Loss-120

Titans vs Chiefs Week 10 Betting Results:

Game, Quarter, Half and Alternate Point Spreads

Bet DescriptionOutcome DescriptionLineW/LOddsPeriod
Point SpreadKansas City Chiefs-6.5Loss-105Game
Point SpreadTennessee Titans6.5Win-115Game
Point SpreadKansas City Chiefs – 1H-3.5Loss-110First Half
Point SpreadTennessee Titans – 1H3.5Win-110First Half
Point SpreadKansas City Chiefs – 1Q-0.5Win-1201st Quarter
Point SpreadTennessee Titans – 1Q0.5Loss-1101st Quarter
Point SpreadKansas City Chiefs – 2Q-0.5Loss-1202nd Quarter
Point SpreadTennessee Titans – 2Q0.5Win-1102nd Quarter
Point SpreadKansas City Chiefs – 3Q-0.5Loss-1103rd Quarter
Point SpreadTennessee Titans – 3Q0.5Win-1203rd Quarter
Point SpreadKansas City Chiefs – 4Q-0.5Loss-1104th Quarter
Point SpreadTennessee Titans – 4Q0.5Win-1204th Quarter
SpreadKansas City Chiefs1.5Loss-300Game
SpreadTennessee Titans-1.5Win220Game
SpreadKansas City Chiefs-2.5Loss-205Game
SpreadTennessee Titans2.5Win150Game
SpreadKansas City Chiefs-15.5Loss280Game
SpreadTennessee Titans15.5Win-410Game
SpreadKansas City Chiefs-8.5Loss130Game
SpreadTennessee Titans8.5Win-180Game
SpreadKansas City Chiefs-11.5Loss170Game
SpreadTennessee Titans11.5Win-240Game

Game First Touchdown Scorer

Only the one player that scores the FIRST touchdown counts on this bet. In this case it was Travis Kelce who was the winner.

Bet DescriptionOutcome DescriptionLineW/LOddsPeriod
First Touchdown ScorerA.J. Brown (TEN)0Loss1000Game
First Touchdown ScorerAdam Humphries (TEN)0Loss1000Game
First Touchdown ScorerDerrick Henry (TEN)0Loss500Game
First Touchdown ScorerDion Lewis (TEN)0Loss1800Game
First Touchdown ScorerJonnu Smith (TEN)0Loss1400Game
First Touchdown ScorerRyan Tannehill (TEN)0Loss4500Game
First Touchdown ScorerTajae Sharpe (TEN)0Loss1800Game
First Touchdown ScorerDamien Williams (KC)0Loss650Game
First Touchdown ScorerDermarcus Robinson (KC)0Loss1800Game
First Touchdown ScorerField0Loss600Game
First Touchdown ScorerLeSean McCoy (KC)0Loss800Game
First Touchdown ScorerNo TD scored in the game0Loss10000Game
First Touchdown ScorerPatrick Mahomes II (KC)0Loss3000Game
First Touchdown ScorerSammy Watkins (KC)0Loss1000Game
First Touchdown ScorerTravis Kelce (KC)0Win550Game
First Touchdown ScorerTyreek Hill (KC)0Loss550Game

Anytime Touchdown Scorer.

This bet can have several winners as any player scoring during the game counts. Overtime counts too.

Bet DescriptionOutcome DescriptionLineW/LOddsPeriod
Anytime Touchdown ScorerA.J. Brown (TEN)0Loss155Game
Anytime Touchdown ScorerAdam Humphries (TEN)0Win155Game
Anytime Touchdown ScorerDerrick Henry (TEN)0Win-145Game
Anytime Touchdown ScorerDion Lewis (TEN)0Loss250Game
Anytime Touchdown ScorerJonnu Smith (TEN)0Loss190Game
Anytime Touchdown ScorerRyan Tannehill (TEN)0Loss1000Game
Anytime Touchdown ScorerTajae Sharpe (TEN)0Loss325Game
Anytime Touchdown ScorerDamien Williams (KC)0Loss-105Game
Anytime Touchdown ScorerDermarcus Robinson (KC)0Loss250Game
Anytime Touchdown ScorerLeSean McCoy (KC)0Loss130Game
Anytime Touchdown ScorerPatrick Mahomes II (KC)0Loss700Game
Anytime Touchdown ScorerSammy Watkins (KC)0Loss155Game
Anytime Touchdown ScorerTravis Kelce (KC)0Win-120Game
Anytime Touchdown ScorerTyreek Hill (KC)0Win-120Game

Alternate Game & First Half Totals

Thing there will be a lot more scoring than the betting predicts? Maybe you think the total points scored will be a lot lower. If you do, then try betting the alternate line. Here are the week 10 odds and results for the Chiefs and Titans. As you can see there are several winners.

Bet DescriptionOutcome DescriptionLineW/LOddsPeriod
Total Points O/UOver46.5Win-160Game
Total Points O/UUnder46.5Loss115Game
Total Points O/UOver40.5Win-400Game
Total Points O/UUnder40.5Loss275Game
Total Points O/UOver52.5Win125Game
Total Points O/UUnder52.5Loss-170Game
Total Points O/UOver55.5Win170Game
Total Points O/UUnder55.5Loss-240Game
Total Points O/UOver43.5Win-220Game
Total Points O/UUnder43.5Loss160Game
Total Points O/UOver – 1H25.5Win110First Half
Total Points O/UUnder – 1H25.5Loss-145First Half
Total Points O/UOver – 1H26.5Loss120First Half
Total Points O/UUnder – 1H26.5Win-160First Half