New York Jets NFL Player Prop Bets Results 2019

2019 New York Jets NFL Prop Bet Results to Week 14 using Bovada Sportsbook Betting Lines

You should be familiar with ATS (against the spread) results if you are betting on sports. Most gamblers know that a team may have a good ATS record for covering the line or a good one for totals bets. But, how many people know an individual player ATS results for NFL player prop bets? If you are going to bet on a player then it pays to know if he has been hitting the overs or the unders this season.

A tip on player prop betting. The sportsbooks know that most fans want to bet the over so the lines are always shaded that way. Do you want proof? Look at the results below for the New York Jets in 2019. These bets are up to and including week 14 of the season. Le’Veon Bell has been a solid UNDER bet on rushing yards prop bets this season with only 2 going over the total and 10 going under. If you are a Jets fan that has been going to the sportsbook each week and betting the over, well the sportsbook manager is laughing all the way to a fat bonus check. However, if you had been betting the over on just receiving yards you would have made a little money as Bell has gone over the total 8 times and under just 4 times.

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The results below are based on betting the OVER on each player prop bet this season.

Jets 2019 Bovada Player Prop Bet Results – to Week 14

PlayerBet TypeWinLossPushTotal
 Demaryius Thomas  78116
 Demaryius Thomas  Receiving Yards 44 8
 Demaryius Thomas  Receptions 3418
 Jamison Crowder  1016 26
 Jamison Crowder  Receiving Yards 58 13
 Jamison Crowder  Receptions 58 13
 Le’Veon Bell  1524140
 Le’Veon Bell  Receiving Yards 84 12
 Le’Veon Bell  Receptions 45110
 Le’Veon Bell  Rush & Rec Yards 14 5
 Le’Veon Bell  Rushing Attempts   1 1
 Le’Veon Bell  Rushing Yards 210 12
 Luke Falk  29 11
 Luke Falk  Completions  2 2
 Luke Falk  Interceptions  2  2
 Luke Falk  Passing Attempts   2 2
 Luke Falk  Passing Yards  2 2
 Luke Falk  Rushing Yards  1 1
 Luke Falk  Touchdown Passes  2 2
 Quincy Enunwa   2 2
 Quincy Enunwa  Receiving Yards  1 1
 Quincy Enunwa  Receptions  1 1
 Robby Anderson  1115 26
 Robby Anderson  Receiving Yards 58 13
 Robby Anderson  Receptions 67 13
 Ryan Griffin  37111
 Ryan Griffin  Receiving Yards 25 7
 Ryan Griffin  Receptions 1214
 Sam Darnold  2730 57
 Sam Darnold  Completions 55 10
 Sam Darnold  Interceptions  64 10
 Sam Darnold  Passing Attempts  46 10
 Sam Darnold  Passing Yards 55 10
 Sam Darnold  Rushing Yards 25 7
 Sam Darnold  Touchdown Passes 55 10
 Trevor Siemian   5 5
 Trevor Siemian  Completions  1 1
 Trevor Siemian  Interceptions   1 1
 Trevor Siemian  Passing Attempts   1 1
 Trevor Siemian  Passing Yards  1 1
 Trevor Siemian  Touchdown Passes  1 1
JetsGrand Total751163194

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