Kansas City Chiefs vs New England Patriots Prop Bets & Score Prediction

Chiefs vs Patriots 2019 NFL Week 14 Betting Preview

  • When: Sunday December 8, 2019, 4:25 PM ET
  • Where: Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA
  • TV: CBS
  • Radio: Kansas City / New England
  • Live Stream: NFL Game Pass
  • NFL Week 14 Odds: New England -3 / Total: 48.5

Weather Forecast

  • Showers Late: -2°C/29°F
  • Humidity: 79%
  • Precipitation: 40%
  • Wind: 8 mph S
  • Cloud Cover: 85%
  • Type of Stadium: Open

The fading Patriots host the Chiefs in a rematch of last years AFC Championship game. The Patriots (10-2 SU, 7-5 ATS) are not the favorites to win Super Bowl LIV. But they’re still 3-point home favorites at press time vs the Chiefs (8-4 SU, 7-5 ATS). New England supporters are in crisis mode after their second loss of the season, a 28-22 defeat at the hands of the Houston Texans (+3.5 at home) on Sunday Night Football. It was another so-so game for QB Tom Brady, even though he racked up three touchdown passes with only one pick – two of those TDs coming in garbage time after Houston built a 28-3 lead in the fourth quarter. The Chiefs, meanwhile, are coming off a major victory—a 40-9 spanking of the Oakland Raiders (+11 away).

Chiefs vs Patriots Stats & Information


Free Super Bowl Betting Guide 171 page PDF

For Super Bowl 53 I did a 171 page PDF with game and prop betting stats that included information on the Chiefs vs Patriots AFC Championship game.

Here is a link to the Super Bowl 53 PDF

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Kansas City vs New England Week 6 Game Results

Below are the alternate lines, totals and quarter results for the game the Patriots and Chiefs played in week 6 of the season.

Chiefs vs Pats Betting Results Week 6 2018
EventTypePeriodBet OnSpreadOddsResultsMargin W/L/P
1Q SpreadSpreadQuarterChiefs0.5-130-4-3.5Loss
1Q SpreadSpreadQuarterPatriots-0.510043.5Win
1Q TotalTotalQuarterOver10.5-115165.5Win
1Q TotalTotalQuarterUnder10.5-11516-5.5Loss
2Q SpreadSpreadQuarterChiefs0.5-115-11-10.5Loss
2Q SpreadSpreadQuarterPatriots-0.5-1151110.5Win
2Q TotalTotalQuarterOver17-115170PUSH
2Q TotalTotalQuarterUnder17-115170PUSH
3Q SpreadSpreadQuarterChiefs0.5-1201413.5Win
3Q SpreadSpreadQuarterPatriots-0.5-110-14-13.5Loss
3Q TotalTotalQuarterOver10.5-120209.5Win
3Q TotalTotalQuarterUnder10.5-11020-9.5Loss
4Q SpreadSpreadQuarterChiefs0.5-120-2-1.5Loss
4Q SpreadSpreadQuarterPatriots-0.5-11021.5Win
4Q TotalTotalQuarterOver14.5-1203015.5Win
4Q TotalTotalQuarterUnder14.5-11030-15.5Loss
FH ALT SpreadSpreadHalfChiefs8.5-300-15-6.5Loss
FH ALT SpreadSpreadHalfChiefs5.5-190-15-9.5Loss
FH ALT SpreadSpreadHalfChiefs2.5-120-15-12.5Loss
FH ALT SpreadSpreadHalfChiefs-0.5115-15-15.5Loss
FH ALT SpreadSpreadHalfChiefs-3.5170-15-18.5Loss
FH ALT SpreadSpreadHalfPatriots-8.5200156.5Win
FH ALT SpreadSpreadHalfPatriots-5.5130159.5Win
FH ALT SpreadSpreadHalfPatriots-2.5-1201512.5Win
FH ALT SpreadSpreadHalfPatriots0.5-1701515.5Win
FH ALT SpreadSpreadHalfPatriots3.5-2501518.5Win
FH ALT TotalTotalHalfOver24.5-275338.5Win
FH ALT TotalTotalHalfOver27.5-190335.5Win
FH ALT TotalTotalHalfOver30.5-125332.5Win
FH ALT TotalTotalHalfOver33.512033-0.5Loss
FH ALT TotalTotalHalfOver36.517533-3.5Loss
FH ALT TotalTotalHalfUnder24.518533-8.5Loss
FH ALT TotalTotalHalfUnder27.513033-5.5Loss
FH ALT TotalTotalHalfUnder30.5-11533-2.5Loss
FH ALT TotalTotalHalfUnder33.5-170330.5Win
FH ALT TotalTotalHalfUnder36.5-260333.5Win
FH MoneylineSpreadHalfChiefs0130-15-15Loss
FH MoneylineSpreadHalfPatriots0-1601515Win
FH Point SpreadSpreadHalfChiefs2.5100-15-12.5Loss
FH Point SpreadSpreadHalfPatriots-2.5-1201512.5Win
FH TotalTotalHalfOver28.5-120334.5Win
FH TotalTotalHalfUnder28.510033-4.5Loss
FH Total KCTotalHalfOver13-1309-4Loss
FH Total KCTotalHalfUnder1310094Win
FH Total NETotalHalfOver15.5-115248.5Win
FH Total NETotalHalfUnder15.5-11524-8.5Loss
Game ALT SpreadSpreadGameChiefs9.5-220-36.5Win
Game ALT SpreadSpreadGameChiefs6.5-150-33.5Win
Game ALT SpreadSpreadGameChiefs-2.5170-3-5.5Loss
Game ALT SpreadSpreadGamePatriots-9.51653-6.5Loss
Game ALT SpreadSpreadGamePatriots-6.51153-3.5Loss
Game ALT SpreadSpreadGamePatriots2.5-22535.5Win
Game ALT TotalTotalGameOver53.5-2308329.5Win
Game ALT TotalTotalGameOver56.5-1708326.5Win
Game ALT TotalTotalGameOver62.51158320.5Win
Game ALT TotalTotalGameOver65.51608317.5Win
Game ALT TotalTotalGameUnder53.517583-29.5Loss
Game ALT TotalTotalGameUnder56.512583-26.5Loss
Game ALT TotalTotalGameUnder62.5-15083-20.5Loss
Game ALT TotalTotalGameUnder65.5-21583-17.5Loss
Game MoneylineSpreadGameChiefs0150-3-3Loss
Game MoneylineSpreadGamePatriots0-17033Win
Game Point SpreadSpreadGameChiefs3105-30PUSH
Game Point SpreadSpreadGamePatriots-3-12530PUSH
Game TotalTotalGameOver60-1058323Win
Game TotalTotalGameUnder60-11583-23Loss
Game Total KCTotalGameOver27.5-1404012.5Win
Game Total KCTotalGameUnder27.511040-12.5Loss
Game Total NETotalGameOver30.5-1704312.5Win
Game Total NETotalGameUnder30.514043-12.5Loss

Kansas City vs New England Week 6 Prop Bet Results

Below are the player prop bet results for the week 6 meeting between the Patriots and the Chiefs. The odds are from Bovada sportsbook.

Chiefs vs Patrs Player Betting Results Week 6 2018
PlayerTeamBetting EventLineResultOverW/L/PUnderW/L/P
 Patrick Mahomes II KC Completions 2523-135Loss105Win
 Tom Brady NE Completions 26.524-145Loss115Win
 Patrick Mahomes II KC Interceptions  0.52-145Win115Loss
 Tom Brady NE Interceptions  0.50105Loss-135Win
 Patrick Mahomes II KC Passing Attempts  38.536-145Loss115Win
 Tom Brady NE Passing Attempts  40.535-135Loss105Win
 Patrick Mahomes II KC Passing Yards 315.5352-135Win105Loss
 Tom Brady NE Passing Yards 325.5340-135Win105Loss
 Patrick Mahomes II KC Rushing Yards 18.59-125Loss-105Win
 Tom Brady NE Rushing Yards 3.52-125Loss-105Win
 Patrick Mahomes II KC Touchdown Passes 2.54125Win-155Loss
 Tom Brady NE Touchdown Passes 2.51-145Loss115Win
 James White NE Receiving Yards 55.553-135Loss105Win
 Kareem Hunt KC Receiving Yards 18.5105-115Win-115Loss
 Sony Michel NE Receiving Yards 11.50-125Loss-105Win
 James White NE Receptions 5.55-160Loss130Win
 Kareem Hunt KC Receptions 2.55145Win-175Loss
 Sony Michel NE Receptions 1.50-115Loss-115Win
 James White NE Rushing Yards 21.539-135Win105Loss
 Kareem Hunt KC Rushing Yards 74.580-125Win-105Loss
 Sony Michel NE Rushing Yards 78.5106-135Win105Loss
 Rob Gronkowski NE Receiving Yards 73.597-135Win105Loss
 Travis Kelce KC Receiving Yards 83.561-135Loss105Win
 Rob Gronkowski NE Receptions 5.53-125Loss-105Win
 Travis Kelce KC Receptions 65-155Loss125Win
 Chris Conley KC Receiving Yards 24.519-125Loss-105Win
 Josh Gordon NE Receiving Yards 45.542-125Loss-105Win
 Julian Edelman NE Receiving Yards 70.554-135Loss105Win
 Philip Dorsett NE Receiving Yards 29.50-125Loss-105Win
 Sammy Watkins KC Receiving Yards 58.518-135Loss105Win
 Tyreek Hill KC Receiving Yards 82.5142-125Win-105Loss
 Chris Conley KC Receptions 21120Loss-150Win
 Josh Gordon NE Receptions 2.55-130Win100Loss
 Julian Edelman NE Receptions 6.54-115Loss-115Win
 Philip Dorsett NE Receptions 20-115Loss-115Win
 Sammy Watkins KC Receptions 4.52115Loss-145Win
 Tyreek Hill KC Receptions 5.57-145Win115Loss
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Chiefs vs Patriots Game Betting Predictions:

Both of these teams are now trailing the Ravens for the spot as top dog in the AFC.  Patrick Mahomes is a top quarterback but like many top QB’s, they are much better with a running game. This team still misses Kareem Hunt and what he did to setup the passing game. Without Darrel Williams who went on injured reserve and Damien Williams (rib) not fully healthy it makes the Chiefs more of a one dimensional offense. The last time Tom Brady  registered a quarterback rating of at least 100.0 was Week 5 at Washington. The key offensive player for the Pats in this game will be Sony Michel. The Chiefs are weak against the run. If you had money on Tennessee when they played the Chiefs earlier this season (I did) then you watched a defense that can be run on inside.

Look for the Pats to get the running game going and that will take the pressure off of Brady to have a big game. The Chiefs don’t have the ability to win if Mahomes does not have a big game. He will do alright against the Patriots but it will not be enough. Taking the Patriots to win a relatively low scoring game.

Bet: Patriots -3

Score Prediction: Patriots 27 – Chiefs 20

Chiefs vs Patriots Prop Bet Predictions:

Odds are from Draftkings sportsbook.

Sony Michel Rushing Yards
Over 58.5 (-112)

Tom Brady Passing Yards
UNDER 270.5 (-112)

Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards
OVER 270.5 (-108)

Travis Kelce Receiving Yards
OVER 66.5 (-126)

Tyreek Hill Receiving Yards
OVER 69.5 (-108)