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49ers vs Seahawks Prop Bets & Game Predictions

49ers vs Seahawks Prop Bet Predictions

49ers vs Seahawks Prop Bets & Score Predictions Week 17

San Francisco vs Seattle Betting Preview

49ers vs Seahawks Week 10

In Week 10, the Niners were the NFL’s only unbeaten team remaining but were upset 27-24 in OT at home by Seattle. San Francisco kicker Chase McLaughlin missed what would have been a game-winning field goal in overtime, and Russell Wilson and the Seahawks’ offense set up Jason Myers for a 42-yarder no time left in the extra period.

Wilson completed 24 of 34 passes for 232 yards, a touchdown and an interception, and ran for 53 yards on six carries.

San Francisco 49ers

With a victory the 49ers (12-3) will be not just NFC West champions for the first time since 2012 but would also be the conference’s top seed. A loss and they will head out on the road next weekend as a Wild-Card team.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks also win the division with a victory but would need losses earlier Sunday by Green Bay at Detroit and New Orleans at Carolina to earn the NFC’s top seed. Not too likely either of those things happen.

The loss of tailbacks Chris Carson (hip) and C.J. Prosise (arm) along with tailback Rashaad Penny has put the pressure on Russell Wilson to do it all. Wilson is fifth in the NFL in passer rating at 107.3 and has thrown 29 touchdown passes to only five interceptions for a 5.8 TD/INT ratio that also ranks fifth. Wilson has 15 touchdowns and three interceptions in his seven home starts against the 49ers. Wilson is 16-2 in his career at home in prime-time games and has never lost at home to San Francisco, going 7-0 (6-1 ATS).

49ers vs Seahawks Odds & Game Info

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49ers vs Seahawks NFL Week 17 Betting Trends

  • Over is 6-2 in the last 8 meetings
  • 49ers are 6-1 SU in their last 7 games on the road
  • 49ers are 2-4 ATS in their last 6 games played in December
  • The total has gone OVER in 7 of San Francisco’s last 8 games against an opponent in the NFC conference
  • Seahawks are 9-3 SU in their last 12 games at home
  • Seahawks are 9-1 ATS in their last 10 games when playing as the underdog
  • The total has gone OVER in 5 of Seattle’s last 7 games played in December

San Francisco 49ers & Seattle Seahawks Player Prop Betting Results for the last three seasons.

The odds are from Bovada sportsbook and cover the last five games between the Seahawks and 49ers. A “Win” under O_W/L would mean the OVER covered and a “Win” under U_W/L would have the UNDER cover.

49ers Prop Betting Overview

Jimmy Garoppolo has only played against the Seahawks one time but he hit for over bettors, with the OVER going 4-1. The only UNDER that covered was on touchdown passes. It isn’t just Jimmy who has done well but other San Francisco quarterbacks have also hit the OVER (Garoppolo 4-1, Beathard 4-2, Mullins 6-4). In all 49er quarterbacks have covered the OVER 14 times and the UNDER covered 7 times.

To do advanced research give our prop betting database a try. There are over 20,000 betting results from the last three seasons.

Seahawks Prop Betting Overview

Russell Wilson has been an under play against San Francisco. The last three seasons the OVER has covered only 11 times while the UNDER has covered 17 times. Passing yards have covered the OVER just one time and the UNDER 4 times vs the 49ers.

San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle Seahawks * 3 Years of Player Prop Bet Results

PlayerProp BetsPOSTeamOPPH/ALineResultOverO_W/LUnderU_W/LWEEK
Brian HoyerCompletionsQBSFSEAAway17.515-125Loss-105Win17NFL02
Brian HoyerInterceptionsQBSFSEAAway0.51-250Win195Loss17NFL02
Brian HoyerPassing YardsQBSFSEAAway189.599-115Loss-115Win17NFL02
Brian HoyerTouchdown PassesQBSFSEAAway1.50275Loss-350Win17NFL02
C.J. BeathardCompletionsQBSFSEAHome19.522-115Win-115Loss17NFL12
C.J. BeathardInterceptionsQBSFSEAHome0.51-200Win160Loss17NFL12
C.J. BeathardPassing AttemptsQBSFSEAHome33.538-115Win-115Loss17NFL12
C.J. BeathardPassing YardsQBSFSEAHome225.5201-115Loss-115Win17NFL12
C.J. BeathardRushing YardsQBSFSEAHome15.521-115Win-115Loss17NFL12
C.J. BeathardTouchdown PassesQBSFSEAHome1.50195Loss-250Win17NFL12
Carlos HydeReceiving YardsRBSFSEAHome26.521-115Loss-115Win17NFL12
Carlos HydeReceptionsRBSFSEAHome3.57-140Win110Loss17NFL12
Carlos HydeRushing YardsRBSFSEAHome57.547-115Loss-115Win17NFL12
Carlos HydeReceiving YardsRBSFSEAAway12.519-105Win-125Loss17NFL02
Carlos HydeReceptionsRBSFSEAAway2.53-115Win-115Loss17NFL02
Carlos HydeRushing YardsRBSFSEAAway57.5124-115Win-115Loss17NFL02
Dante PettisReceiving YardsWRSFSEAHome45.583-115Win-115Loss18NFL15
Dante PettisReceptionsWRSFSEAHome3.55-105Win-125Loss18NFL15
Deebo SamuelReceiving YardsWRSFSEAHome38.5112-115Win-115Loss19NFL10
Deebo SamuelReceptionsWRSFSEAHome38-140Win-110Loss19NFL10
Emmanuel SandersReceiving YardsWRSFSEAHome65.524-130Loss100Win19NFL10
Emmanuel SandersReceptionsWRSFSEAHome4.52-160Loss120Win19NFL10
George KittleReceiving YardsTESFSEAHome75.551-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
George KittleReceptionsTESFSEAHome5.53-150Loss120Win18NFL15
George KittleReceiving YardsTESFSEAAway69.570-115Win-115Loss18NFL13
George KittleReceptionsTESFSEAAway5.56-115Win-115Loss18NFL13
Jimmy GaroppoloCompletionsQBSFSEAHome20.524-115Win-115Loss19NFL10
Jimmy GaroppoloInterceptionsQBSFSEAHome0.51-160Win120Loss19NFL10
Jimmy GaroppoloPassing AttemptsQBSFSEAHome31.546-115Win-115Loss19NFL10
Jimmy GaroppoloPassing YardsQBSFSEAHome245.5248-115Win-115Loss19NFL10
Jimmy GaroppoloTouchdown PassesQBSFSEAHome1.51-140Loss-110Win19NFL10
Kendrick BourneReceiving YardsWRSFSEAHome29.516-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Kendrick BourneReceptionsWRSFSEAHome2.52-105Loss-125Win18NFL15
Kendrick BourneReceiving YardsWRSFSEAAway34.560-105Win-125Loss18NFL13
Kendrick BourneReceptionsWRSFSEAAway34-110Win-120Loss18NFL13
Marquise GoodwinReceiving YardsWRSFSEAHome35.57-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Marquise GoodwinReceptionsWRSFSEAHome2.51-105Loss-125Win18NFL15
Marquise GoodwinReceiving YardsWRSFSEAHome47.578-115Win-115Loss17NFL12
Marquise GoodwinReceptionsWRSFSEAHome2.54-125Win-105Loss17NFL12
Matt BreidaReceiving YardsRBSFSEAHome14.57-115Loss-115Win19NFL10
Matt BreidaRush & Rec YardsRBSFSEAHome60.525-115Loss-115Win19NFL10
Matt BreidaRushing YardsRBSFSEAHome47.518-125Loss-105Win19NFL10
Matt BreidaRushing YardsRBSFSEAAway71.56-115Loss-115Win18NFL13
Nick MullinsCompletionsQBSFSEAHome20.520-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Nick MullinsInterceptionsQBSFSEAHome0.50-225Loss185Win18NFL15
Nick MullinsPassing AttemptsQBSFSEAHome33.529-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Nick MullinsPassing YardsQBSFSEAHome255.5275-115Win-115Loss18NFL15
Nick MullinsTouchdown PassesQBSFSEAHome1.51-120Loss-110Win18NFL15
Nick MullinsCompletionsQBSFSEAAway19.530-125Win-105Loss18NFL13
Nick MullinsInterceptionsQBSFSEAAway0.51-220Win180Loss18NFL13
Nick MullinsPassing AttemptsQBSFSEAAway31.548-110Win-120Loss18NFL13
Nick MullinsPassing YardsQBSFSEAAway237.5414-115Win-115Loss18NFL13
Nick MullinsTouchdown PassesQBSFSEAAway1.52150Win-180Loss18NFL13
Pierre GarconReceiving YardsWRSFSEAAway60.526-115Loss-115Win17NFL02
Pierre GarconReceptionsWRSFSEAAway53100Loss-130Win17NFL02
Ross DwelleyReceiving YardsTESFSEAHome25.524-115Loss-115Win19NFL10
Ross DwelleyReceptionsTESFSEAHome33-120Push-110Push19NFL10
Tevin ColemanReceiving YardsRBSFSEAHome12.532-115Win-115Loss19NFL10
Tevin ColemanRush & Rec YardsRBSFSEAHome66.572-125Win-105Loss19NFL10
Tevin ColemanRushing YardsRBSFSEAHome54.540-115Loss-115Win19NFL10

Seattle Seahawks vs San Francisco 49ers * 3 Years of Player Prop Bet Results

PlayerProp BetsPOSTeamOPPH/ALineResultOverO_W/LUnderU_W/LWEEK
Chris CarsonReceiving YardsRBSEASFAway19.512-115Loss-115Win19NFL10
Chris CarsonReceptionsRBSEASFAway2.53100Win-130Loss19NFL10
Chris CarsonRush & Rec YardsRBSEASFAway95.5101-115Win-115Loss19NFL10
Chris CarsonRushing YardsRBSEASFAway75.589-150Win115Loss19NFL10
Chris CarsonRushing YardsRBSEASFAway68.5119-115Win-115Loss18NFL15
Chris CarsonRushing YardsRBSEASFHome67.569-115Win-115Loss18NFL13
David MooreReceiving YardsWRSEASFAway35.59-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
David MooreReceptionsWRSEASFAway31-105Loss-125Win18NFL15
David MooreReceiving YardsWRSEASFHome38.50-110Loss-120Win18NFL13
David MooreReceptionsWRSEASFHome2.50125Loss-155Win18NFL13
DK MetcalfReceiving YardsWRSEASFAway50.570-125Win-105Loss19NFL10
DK MetcalfReceptionsWRSEASFAway3.56-110Win-120Loss19NFL10
Doug BaldwinReceiving YardsWRSEASFAway40.577-115Win-115Loss18NFL15
Doug BaldwinReceptionsWRSEASFAway3.54-115Win-115Loss18NFL15
Doug BaldwinReceiving YardsWRSEASFHome48.522-115Loss-115Win18NFL13
Doug BaldwinReceptionsWRSEASFHome4.52-110Loss-120Win18NFL13
Doug BaldwinReceiving YardsWRSEASFAway70.525-105Loss-125Win17NFL12
Doug BaldwinReceptionsWRSEASFAway5.52-145Loss115Win17NFL12
Doug BaldwinReceiving YardsWRSEASFHome72.544-115Loss-115Win17NFL02
Doug BaldwinReceptionsWRSEASFHome5.56-130Win100Loss17NFL02
Jimmy GrahamReceiving YardsTESEASFAway49.534-105Loss-125Win17NFL12
Jimmy GrahamReceptionsTESEASFAway4.53-130Loss100Win17NFL12
Jimmy GrahamReceiving YardsTESEASFHome47.51-105Loss-125Win17NFL02
Jimmy GrahamReceptionsTESEASFHome41-125Loss-105Win17NFL02
Nick VannettReceiving YardsTESEASFAway15.50-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Paul RichardsonReceiving YardsWRSEASFAway49.570-105Win-125Loss17NFL12
Paul RichardsonReceptionsWRSEASFAway3.54100Win-130Loss17NFL12
Russell WilsonCompletionsQBSEASFAway20.524-115Win-115Loss19NFL10
Russell WilsonInterceptionsQBSEASFAway0.51130Win-170Loss19NFL10
Russell WilsonPassing AttemptsQBSEASFAway32.534-115Win-115Loss19NFL10
Russell WilsonPassing YardsQBSEASFAway249.5232-120Loss-110Win19NFL10
Russell WilsonRushing YardsQBSEASFAway22.553-115Win-115Loss19NFL10
Russell WilsonTouchdown PassesQBSEASFAway1.51-150Loss115Win19NFL10
Russell WilsonCompletionsQBSEASFAway19.523-115Win-115Loss18NFL15
Russell WilsonInterceptionsQBSEASFAway0.50125Loss-155Win18NFL15
Russell WilsonPassing AttemptsQBSEASFAway27.531-115Win-115Loss18NFL15
Russell WilsonPassing YardsQBSEASFAway230.5237-115Win-115Loss18NFL15
Russell WilsonRushing YardsQBSEASFAway20.515-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Russell WilsonTouchdown PassesQBSEASFAway1.52-200Win160Loss18NFL15
Russell WilsonCompletionsQBSEASFHome19.511-110Loss-120Win18NFL13
Russell WilsonInterceptionsQBSEASFHome0.50140Loss-170Win18NFL13
Russell WilsonPassing AttemptsQBSEASFHome27.517-120Loss-110Win18NFL13
Russell WilsonPassing YardsQBSEASFHome229.5185-105Loss-125Win18NFL13
Russell WilsonRushing YardsQBSEASFHome19.514-120Loss-110Win18NFL13
Russell WilsonTouchdown PassesQBSEASFHome24120Win-150Loss18NFL13
Russell WilsonCompletionsQBSEASFAway2220-115Loss-115Win17NFL12
Russell WilsonInterceptionsQBSEASFAway0.51120Win-150Loss17NFL12
Russell WilsonPassing AttemptsQBSEASFAway34.534-115Loss-115Win17NFL12
Russell WilsonPassing YardsQBSEASFAway260.5228-125Loss-105Win17NFL12
Russell WilsonRushing YardsQBSEASFAway32.525-130Loss100Win17NFL12
Russell WilsonTouchdown PassesQBSEASFAway22-105Push-125Push17NFL12
Russell WilsonCompletionsQBSEASFHome22.523-105Win-125Loss17NFL02
Russell WilsonInterceptionsQBSEASFHome0.50120Loss-150Win17NFL02
Russell WilsonPassing YardsQBSEASFHome260.5198-115Loss-115Win17NFL02
Russell WilsonTouchdown PassesQBSEASFHome21120Loss-150Win17NFL02
Tyler LockettReceiving YardsWRSEASFAway75.526-115Loss-115Win19NFL10
Tyler LockettReceptionsWRSEASFAway53-160Loss120Win19NFL10
Tyler LockettReceiving YardsWRSEASFAway55.545-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Tyler LockettReceptionsWRSEASFAway42-125Loss-105Win18NFL15
Tyler LockettReceiving YardsWRSEASFHome57.552-115Loss-115Win18NFL13
Tyler LockettReceptionsWRSEASFHome41110Loss-140Win18NFL13
Tyler LockettReceiving YardsWRSEASFAway39.50-105Loss-125Win17NFL12
Tyler LockettReceptionsWRSEASFAway3.50100Loss-130Win17NFL12

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49ers vs Seahawks Game Predictions

The Seahawks blew an important game last week against the Arizona Cardinals. I know it is easy to say they were looking ahead but the losses at running back are starting to really hurt this team. Seattle does not have great wide receivers and then to lose the rushing threat has made it all or nothing for Russell Wilson. Against most teams he would be enough to squeak out a win. However, the 49ers defense is a legit top five defense and they will be able to hold the Seahawks in check.

The 49ers offense has been very good overall but there are a few cracks in it. At quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo is getting a lot of praise as a QB will get when the team is winning. But, I have watched him play enough to know that he will turn the ball over with consistent pressure. San Francisco will not need the 49ers offense to score a lot to beat a depleted Seahawks team.

Taking the 49ers and giving 3.5 (+100) from Bovada

Score Prediction: 49ers 24 – Seahawks 17

49ers vs Seahawks Prop Bets Predictions

Total Passing Yards – Russell Wilson (SEA)
UNDER 235.5 (-115)

Total Passing Attempts In The Game – Jimmy Garoppolo (SF)
UNDER 31.5 (-115)

Total Interceptions Thrown – Russell Wilson (SEA)
OVER 0.5 (+120)

Total Rushing Yards – Raheem Mostert (SF)
OVER 60.5 (-115)

Total Receiving Yards – Tyler Lockett (SEA)
UNDER 59.5 (-115)



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