Chargers vs Raiders Prop Bets

LA Chargers vs Oakland Raiders NFL Player Prop Bet Results & Predictions 11/7/19

With our exclusive NFL player prop betting stats database it is obvious that the under has been the top bet when these two teams have faced each other. Looking at the last 2 seasons, if you had bet the over on every Raider NFL player prop bet you would have lost $1,671. If you had bet the over on every Chargers NFL player prop bet you would have lost $418.

Where could you have made a nice profit over the last two seasons making prop bets when these two teams faced each other? Bet the under on the Raiders. If you had bet the under on EVERY player prop bet you would have won $1,243.

Below are the player prop bet results for the last two seasons using Bovada online sportsbook lines.

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Chargers vs Raiders NFL Player Prop Bet Results for 2017 & 2018

Raiders Prop Results vs Chargers – OVER
Amari Cooper86.96(300.00) (213.04)
Derek Carr283.54(1100.00) (816.46)
Doug Martin86.96  86.96
Jalen Richard86.96(100.00)0.00(13.04)
Jared Cook86.96(300.00)0.00(213.04)
Jordy Nelson (300.00)0.00(300.00)
Marshawn Lynch (400.00) (400.00)
Michael Crabtree110.00(100.00) 10.00
Seth Roberts186.96  186.96
Raiders Prop Results vs Chargers – UNDER
Amari Cooper268.77(100.00) 168.77
Derek Carr1018.39(400.00) 618.39
Doug Martin (100.00) (100.00)
Jalen Richard86.96(100.00)0.00(13.04)
Jared Cook264.82(100.00)0.00164.82
Jordy Nelson257.87 0.00257.87
Marshawn Lynch359.68  359.68
Michael Crabtree86.96(100.00) (13.04)
Seth Roberts (200.00) (200.00)
Chargers Prop Results vs Raiders – OVER
Hunter Henry173.91  173.91
Keenan Allen236.96(500.00) (263.04)
Melvin Gordon683.80(200.00) 483.80
Mike Williams (200.00) (200.00)
Philip Rivers626.16(1200.00) (573.84)
Travis Benjamin186.96(200.00) (13.04)
Tyrell Williams173.91(200.00)0.00(26.09)
Chargers Prop Results vs Raiders – UNDER
Hunter Henry (200.00) (200.00)
Keenan Allen449.15(300.00) 149.15
Melvin Gordon170.91(800.00) (629.09)
Mike Williams181.82  181.82
Philip Rivers1077.22(700.00) 377.22
Travis Benjamin173.91(200.00) (26.09)
Tyrell Williams170.29(200.00)0.00(29.71)
Raiders Prop Results vs Chargers – OVER
QB283.54(1100.00) (816.46)
Raiders Prop Results vs Chargers – OVER
Bet EventWinLossPushTotal
Completions86.96(200.00) (113.04)
Interceptions116.58(100.00) 16.58
Passing Attempts80.00(100.00) (20.00)
Passing Yards (300.00) (300.00)
Receiving Yards260.87(700.00) (439.13)
Rush & Rec Yards (100.00) (100.00)
Rushing Yards86.96(300.00) (213.04)
Touchdown Passes (300.00) (300.00)
Chargers Prop Results vs Raiders – OVER
QB626.16(1200.00) (573.84)
RB683.80(200.00) 483.80
TE173.91  173.91
Chargers Prop Results vs Raiders – OVER
Bet EventWinLossPushTotal
Completions173.91(200.00) (26.09)
Interceptions145.00(300.00) (155.00)
Passing Attempts (200.00) (200.00)
Passing Yards257.25(100.00) 157.25
Receiving Yards705.07(600.00) 105.07
Rush & Rec Yards83.33  83.33
Rushing Yards170.29(200.00) (29.71)
Touchdown Passes50.00(300.00) (250.00)
Total2081.70(2500.00)0.00(418.30) Sportsbook NFL Playoffs Bonus Promotions

Chargers vs Raiders Game & Prop Bet Predictions:

The Chargers are coming off an upset of the Packers 26-11 as 4-point home underdogs. Los Angeles has now won two straight after beating the Bears 17-16 as 3.5-point road dogs the week before. The Raiders are coming off a 31-24 win over the Lions, covering as 2.5-point favorites. While their records are similar, these AFC West rivals have far different records against the spread (Chargers 3-5-1 ATS vs Raiders 5-3 ATS). However, the Chargers enjoy a +15 point differential while the Raiders sit at -34.

The Chargers have dominated this matchup recently, going 4-1 straight up against Oakland in their last five meetings and 11-4 straight up in their last 15 on the road at Oakland.

Chargers vs Raiders Game Prediction:

A divisional matchup in Oakland that now has the Raiders as a home dog to the Chargers. I love the home dogs in divisional games and I like that I can now bet on the Raiders money line and get +105 at Bovada sportsbook.

Bet: Raiders Money Line +105

Score Prediction: Raiders 24 – Chargers 20

Chargers vs Raiders Prop Bet Prediction:

With NFL player prop betting, the public loves to bet the over. The books know this and shade the players odds so that the under becomes a losing bet over time. If you are in this to make money, then put aside your feelings and bet your wallet. Even though I like the Raiders to win. Carr has been one of the biggest under bets over the last three seasons.

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Total Passing Yards – Derek Carr (OAK)
Under 249.5 (-115)

Total Completions – Derek Carr (OAK)
Under 21.5 (+110)

Total Passing Yards – Philip Rivers (LAC)
Under 305.5 (-105)

Total Passing Attempts In The Game – Philip Rivers (LAC)
Under 37.5 (-110)

Total Receiving Yards – Austin Ekeler (LAC)
Over 37.5 (-110)

Total Receiving Yards – Keenan Allen (LAC)
Over 68.5 (-125)

Total Rushing Yards – Melvin Gordon (LAC)
Under 52.5 (-115)