Houston Texans vs New Orleans Saints NFL Player Prop Betting Stats

Houston Texans 2018 Player Prop Bet Results

Deshaun WatsonCompletionsQB87
Deshaun WatsonInterceptionsQB79
Deshaun WatsonPassing AttemptsQB88
Deshaun WatsonPassing YardsQB79
Deshaun WatsonRushing YardsQB106
Deshaun WatsonTouchdown PassesQB88
Deshaun WatsonTotalQB4847
HoutonReceiving YardsTE04
HoutonRushing YardsRB99
HoutonReceiving YardsWR1621

New Orleans Saints 2018 Player Prop Bet Results

Drew BreesCompletionsQB410
Drew BreesInterceptionsQB510
Drew BreesPassing AttemptsQB69
Drew BreesPassing YardsQB69
Drew BreesRushing YardsQB33
Drew BreesTouchdown PassesQB87
Drew BreesTotal  3248
New OrleansReceiving YardsTE59
New OrleansReceptionsTE57
New OrleansRushing YardsRB1111
New OrleansReceiving YardsWR1018
New OrleansReceptionsWR1213

NFL Player Prop Betting Tip

Deshaun Watson went under on his last 6 games for interceptions and over for his last 5 games of 2018 for completions

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