Super Bowl LIV Betting

Super Bowl LIV Futures Betting Predictions

There are many ways to bet on the NFL. Most people bet just on an individual game side or total. But, there is a growing number of people willing to take the plunge on futures bets.

The most popular sports futures bet in the USA is the Super Bowl bet. A lot of people head out to Las Vegas before the season and spend a few days baking in 100+ degree days to make a bet. With sports betting being legalized across the nation, fewer people have to fly out to Vegas to make a bet. However, most people in the US still live in States that do not allow sports wagering and for them. The best bet is an online wager from home. For those of you who wager online, Bovada sportsbook is widely known and trusted. For that reason I have decided to use the Bovada Super Bowl LIV odds to make my futures bet predictions.


Super Bowl 54 Winner betting Odds by Bovada Sportsbook

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New England Patriots +700
Kansas City Chiefs +800
New Orleans Saints +800
Los Angeles Rams +850
Chicago Bears +1400
Cleveland Browns +1400
Los Angeles Chargers +1400
Philadelphia Eagles +1400
Houston Texans +1800
Pittsburgh Steelers +1800
Green Bay Packers +2000
Dallas Cowboys +2200
Jacksonville Jaguars +2500
Minnesota Vikings +2800
Seattle Seahawks +2800
Atlanta Falcons +3000

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San Francisco 49ers +3300
Baltimore Ravens +3500
Carolina Panthers +5000
Indianapolis Colts +5000
Tennessee Titans +5000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +6000
Denver Broncos +6600
New York Giants +6600
Oakland Raiders +6600
Arizona Cardinals +8000
Detroit Lions +8000
New York Jets +8000
Washington Redskins +8000
Buffalo Bills +10000
Cincinnati Bengals +12500
Miami Dolphins +12500

Super Bowl 54 Futures Bets

There are four teams that I like to be in the Super Bowl. Since all four are greater than +400. If I am right on one of them winning Super Bowl LIV, I will make a profit.

Philadelphia Eagles +1400

They didn’t make it last season but they won the year before and the talent is there for another win. The big question is will Carson Wentz stay healthy for a full season and be at full strength in the playoffs. I am betting that he will avoid the injury bug this seasons and the Eagles will at least make it to the NFC Championship Game.

Green Bay Packers +2000

Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the NFL. All he needs is an above average team and to stay healthy and the Packers will be set for another playoff run. There are three quarterbacks in the NFC capable of almost singlehandily winning a playoff game; Aaron Rodgers, Carson Wentz and, Drew Brees. This is the year Aaron does it. I have the Eagles hosting the Packers in the NFC Championship Game. Who will win? Check back in January and I will let you know.

Pittsburgh Steelers +1800

The Steelers had a tough season last year. However, this team has too much talent to stay down long. They have the quarterback they need to win enough games to make the playoffs. From there, it will come down to home field advantage. If the Steelers can win enough games to be a two seed in the AFC playoffs then I like them to get to the AFC Championship Game. If not, then they will be in for a dog fight in the playoffs.

Kansas City Chiefs +800

The other team that has a good chance of the number one/two seed in the AFC is the Kansas City Chiefs. The defense should be improved over last season. The running game is good enough to keep defenses honest and Tyreek Hill will be able to stretch defenses again. They should have beaten the Patriots last seasons but Tom Brady and the Pats experience held off the Chiefs. I don’t think that will happen again this season. The Chiefs should be able to make it to the Super Bowl even with Andy Reid as head coach

What about the Patriots and Saints?

The teams I am leaving off my picks are two of the favorites to win it all. The New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots. Both teams will make the playoffs.

The Saints at +800 didn’t provide enough value. I have the Eagles, Packers and Saints all with about equal chances to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. So I went with the two with the higher return.

In the AFC the New England Patriots will once again roll through the weak AFC East and be a one/two seed in the playoffs. In the playoffs I have the Chiefs as a better team and I have them beating the Patriots at home or on the road. The Steelers are my dark horse pick. I don’t think they have the talent of New England or Kansas City but they do have a toughness that can get wins against better teams, even on the road.