Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots 9/8/19
Prop Betting Picks & Score Prediction

Steelers vs Patriots Player Prop Bet Overview

If you like overs you are in trouble. These two have combined for 16 overs, 39 unders and 2 pushes over the last 2 seasons.

Here is a list of results using Bovada sportsbook odds

  1. Ben Roethlisberger (3 over, 7 under, 1 push)
  2. Tom Brady (3 over, 8 under)
  3. Steelers Tight Ends (0 over, 4 under)
  4. Patriots Tight Ends (2 over, 2 under)
  5. Steelers Wide Receivers (3 over, 6 under)
  6. Patriots Wide Receivers (2 over, 6 under)
  7. Steelers Running Backs (2 over, 1 under)
  8. Patriots Running Backs (1 over, 5 under, 1 push)

Steelers vs Patriots Prop Bet Results from 2017 & 2018

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Ben Roethlisberger Prop Bet Results vs New England

Ben RoethlisbergerCompletionsPITNEHome26.522-110Loss-120Win18NFL15
Ben RoethlisbergerInterceptionsPITNEHome0.52-160Win130Loss18NFL15
Ben RoethlisbergerPassing AttemptsPITNEHome41.534-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Ben RoethlisbergerPassing YardsPITNEHome314.5235-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Ben RoethlisbergerTouchdown PassesPITNEHome22-115Push-115Push18NFL15
Ben RoethlisbergerCompletionsPITNEHome2522-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Ben RoethlisbergerInterceptionsPITNEHome0.51-170Win140Loss17NFL15
Ben RoethlisbergerPassing AttemptsPITNEHome39.530-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Ben RoethlisbergerPassing YardsPITNEHome299.5281-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Ben RoethlisbergerRushing YardsPITNEHome2.510-110Win-120Loss17NFL15
Ben RoethlisbergerTouchdown PassesPITNEHome22-135Loss105Loss17NFL15

Tom Brady Prop Bet Results vs Pittsburgh

Tom BradyCompletionsNEPITAway24.525-115Win-115Loss18NFL15
Tom BradyInterceptionsNEPITAway0.51100Win-130Loss18NFL15
Tom BradyPassing AttemptsNEPITAway38.536-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Tom BradyPassing YardsNEPITAway299.5279-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Tom BradyTouchdown PassesNEPITAway21-140Loss110Win18NFL15
Tom BradyCompletionsNEPITAway25.522-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Tom BradyInterceptionsNEPITAway0.51-105Win-125Loss17NFL15
Tom BradyPassing AttemptsNEPITAway39.535-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Tom BradyPassing YardsNEPITAway314.5298-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Tom BradyRushing YardsNEPITAway1.5-2-110Loss-120Win17NFL15
Tom BradyTouchdown PassesNEPITAway21-150Loss120Win17NFL15

Steelers Tight Ends vs Patriots

Jesse JamesReceiving YardsPITNEHome25.57-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Jesse JamesReceptionsPITNEHome2.52-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Vance McDonaldReceiving YardsPITNEHome37.513-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Vance McDonaldReceptionsPITNEHome3.52-120Loss-110Win18NFL15

Patriots Tight Ends vs Steelers

Rob GronkowskiReceiving YardsNEPITAway63.521-120Loss-110Win18NFL15
Rob GronkowskiReceptionsNEPITAway4.52120Loss-150Win18NFL15
Rob GronkowskiReceiving YardsNEPITAway70.5168-125Win-105Loss17NFL15
Rob GronkowskiReceptionsNEPITAway59-135Win105Loss17NFL15

Steelers Wide Receivers vs Patriots

Antonio BrownReceiving YardsPITNEHome87.549-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Antonio BrownReceptionsPITNEHome6.54100Loss-130Win18NFL15
Antonio BrownReceiving YardsPITNEHome105.524-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Antonio BrownReceptionsPITNEHome7.52-135Loss105Win17NFL15
JuJu Smith SchusterReceiving YardsPITNEHome86.540-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
JuJu Smith SchusterReceptionsPITNEHome6.54-130Loss100Win18NFL15
JuJu Smith SchusterReceiving YardsPITNEHome50.5114-125Win-105Loss17NFL15
Martavis BryantReceiving YardsPITNEHome35.559-125Win-105Loss17NFL15
Martavis BryantReceptionsPITNEHome34-110Win-120Loss17NFL15

Patriot Wide Receivers vs Steelers

Brandin CooksReceiving YardsNEPITAway70.560-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Brandin CooksReceptionsNEPITAway54-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Danny AmendolaReceiving YardsNEPITAway35.523-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Danny AmendolaReceptionsNEPITAway32-140Loss110Win17NFL15
Josh GordonReceiving YardsNEPITAway69.519-115Loss-115Win18NFL15
Josh GordonReceptionsNEPITAway4.51100Loss-130Win18NFL15
Julian EdelmanReceiving YardsNEPITAway69.590-115Win-115Loss18NFL15
Julian EdelmanReceptionsNEPITAway6.57-115Win-115Loss18NFL15

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Steelers Running Backs vs Patriots

Le’Veon BellReceiving YardsPITNEHome45.548-125Win-105Loss17NFL15
Le’Veon BellReceptionsPITNEHome5.55-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Le’Veon BellRushing YardsPITNEHome85.5117-125Win-105Loss17NFL15

Patriots Running Backs vs Steelers

Dion LewisRushing YardsNEPITAway55.567-125Win-105Loss17NFL15
James WhiteReceiving YardsNEPITAway43.525-105Loss-125Win18NFL15
James WhiteReceptionsNEPITAway55120PUSH-150PUSH18NFL15
James WhiteRush & Rec YardsNEPITAway59.537-105Loss-125Win18NFL15
James WhiteRush & Rec YardsNEPITAway39.58-115Loss-115Win17NFL15
Rex BurkheadRush & Rec YardsNEPITAway67.517-125Loss-105Win17NFL15
Sony MichelRushing YardsNEPITAway65.559-115Loss-115Win18NFL15

Steelers vs Patriots Betting Predictions:

The Steelers are 6 point dogs according to Bovada and I think that is just too much for these two teams. This should be a fun game to watch and I have it going down to the final minutes. I am definitely taking the points and the Steelers. The total is sitting at 49.0 at Bovada and I have that as to high. Both of these teams may have big name quarterbacks but both get to the playoffs based on how well the defense plays.

I am going to skip the signing of Antonio Brown because I do not expect him to have any impact on this game. If you are going to focus on players for prop bets then the stats above should give you a guide to what you need to do. Bet the UNDER!

The Steelers have shutdown the Patriots running backs and the Patriots have shutdown the Steelers passing game.

Score Prediction: Patriots 23 – Steelers 20

Player Prop Bets:

Total Receiving Yards – Julian Edelman (NE)
Under 78.5 (-125)

Total Receiving Yards – Vance McDonald (PIT)
Under 46.5 (-105)

Total Passing Yards – Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
Under 293.5 (-115)

Total Passing Yards – Tom Brady (NE)
Under 281.5 (-115)

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