2019 NFL Quarterback Futures Picks

The 2019 NFL season is about to begin and it is time to start laying down some money. Most people only bet on the games but for a growing number of people there is also player betting. Those “prop bets” are why this website was founded 6 years ago. We live for player bets as much as for betting on the games.

Below are our expert NFL player prop betting predictions. If you are new to betting on sports futures then I always recommend that you wait until week 3 of the NFL preseason has ended. Why? Andrew Luck is a good example. But, it is not just one player. Most teams will not play any top talent in week 4. So after week 3 the starters are mostly set and the likelihood of a major injury is lessened.

One thing about PropBets.football is that we do not write our articles with Google in mind so they will not be as long to get to the results. Below are our picks and in the far right hand column is the Over/Under selection.

Want to do your own research? Try our NFL player prop betting database. Over 12,000 NFL player prop betting results from just the last two seasons. Take a look here at the Quarterback Results

Quarterback Prop Betting Database

NFL 2019 Quarterback Betting Predictions

TeamPlayerBet EventPosOverLineUnderLineBet
Arizona Cardinals  Kyler Murray   Passing TDsQB21.5-16021.5130Under
Arizona Cardinals  Kyler Murray   Passing YardsQB3575-1153575-115Under
Arizona Cardinals  Kyler Murray   Rushing YardsQB455-145455115Over
Arizona Cardinals  Kyler Murray   Interceptions QB14.5-11014.5-120Over
Atlanta Falcons  Matt Ryan   Passing TDsQB31.5-11531.5-115Over
Atlanta Falcons  Matt Ryan   Passing YardsQB4600-1154600-115Under
Baltimore Ravens  Lamar Jackson   Passing TDsQB15.5-13015.5100Over
Baltimore Ravens  Lamar Jackson   Passing YardsQB3000-1153000-115Under
Baltimore Ravens  Lamar Jackson   Rushing YardsQB860-135860105Over
Buffalo Bills  Josh Allen   Passing TDsQB17.5-12517.5-105Under
Buffalo Bills  Josh Allen   Passing YardsQB3150-1153150-115Over
Buffalo Bills  Josh Allen   Rushing YardsQB670-140670110Over
Chicago Bears  Mitch Trubisky   Passing TDsQB25.5-12525.5-105Under
Chicago Bears  Mitch Trubisky   Passing YardsQB3775-1103775-120Under
Cincinnati Bengals  Andy Dalton   Passing TDsQB21.5-12021.5-110Under
Cincinnati Bengals  Andy Dalton   Passing YardsQB3700-1153700-115Under
Cleveland Browns  Baker Mayfield   Passing YardsQB4260-1354260105Under
Cleveland Browns  Baker Mayfield   Passing TDsQB31.5-12531.5-105Over
Cleveland Browns  Baker Mayfield   Interceptions QB14.5-11514.5-115Over
Dallas Cowboys  Dak Prescott   Passing TDsQB25.5-11525.5-115Under
Dallas Cowboys  Dak Prescott   Passing YardsQB3750-1153750-115Under

TeamPlayerBet EventPosOverLineUnderLineBet
Denver Broncos  Joe Flacco   Passing TDsQB16.5-12516.5-105Under
Denver Broncos  Joe Flacco   Passing YardsQB3200-1153200-115Under
Detroit Lions  Matthew Stafford   Passing TDsQB25.5-11525.5-115Over
Detroit Lions  Matthew Stafford   Passing YardsQB4040-1154040-115Over
Green Bay Packers  Aaron Rodgers   Passing TDsQB32.510032.5-130Over
Green Bay Packers  Aaron Rodgers   Passing YardsQB4225-1154225-115Over
Houston Texans  Deshaun Watson   Passing TDsQB26.5-14526.5115Under
Houston Texans  Deshaun Watson   Passing YardsQB40901054090-135Under
Houston Texans  Deshaun Watson   Rushing YardsQB600-115600-115Over
Jacksonville Jaguars  Nick Foles   Passing TDsQB20.5-12520.5-105Over
Jacksonville Jaguars  Nick Foles   Passing YardsQB3750-1053750-125Over
Jacksonville Jaguars  Nick Foles   Interceptions QB12.510012.5-130Over
Kansas City Chiefs  Patrick Mahomes II   Passing TDsQB36.5-15536.5125Over
Kansas City Chiefs  Patrick Mahomes II   Passing YardsQB4650-1104650-120Over
Los Angeles Chargers  Philip Rivers   Passing TDsQB29.5-12529.5-105Under
Los Angeles Chargers  Philip Rivers   Passing YardsQB4300-1154300-115Under
Los Angeles Rams  Jared Goff   Passing TDsQB27.5-12527.5-105Over
Los Angeles Rams  Jared Goff   Passing YardsQB4250-1154250-115Under
Minnesota Vikings  Kirk Cousins   Passing TDsQB27-11527-115Under
Minnesota Vikings  Kirk Cousins   Passing YardsQB4100-1204100-110Under

TeamPlayerBet EventPosOverLineUnderLineBet
New England Patriots  Tom Brady   Passing TDsQB29.5-11029.5-120Over
New England Patriots  Tom Brady   Passing YardsQB4150-1154150-115Over
New Orleans Saints  Drew Brees   Passing TDsQB30.5-11530.5-115Over
New Orleans Saints  Drew Brees   Passing YardsQB4200-1304200100Over
New York Jets  Sam Darnold   Passing TDsQB24.5-11524.5-115Over
New York Jets  Sam Darnold   Passing YardsQB37001003700-130Under
Oakland Raiders  Derek Carr   Passing TDsQB23.5-12523.5-105Over
Oakland Raiders  Derek Carr   Passing YardsQB4100-1204100-110Under
Philadelphia Eagles  Carson Wentz   Passing TDsQB30.5-11530.5-115Over
Philadelphia Eagles  Carson Wentz   Passing YardsQB4150-1154150-115Over
Pittsburgh Steelers  Ben Roethlisberger   Passing TDsQB28.5-11528.5-115Over
Pittsburgh Steelers  Ben Roethlisberger   Passing YardsQB44501054450-135Under
San Francisco 49ers  Jimmy Garoppolo   Passing TDsQB25.511025.5-140Over
San Francisco 49ers  Jimmy Garoppolo   Passing YardsQB4000-1054000-125Over
Seattle Seahawks  Russell Wilson   Passing TDsQB27.5-13527.5105Under
Seattle Seahawks  Russell Wilson   Passing YardsQB3650-1153650-115Under
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Jameis Winston   Passing YardsQB26.5-15026.5120Under
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  Jameis Winston   Passing YardsQB44001004400-130Under
Tennessee Titans  Marcus Mariota   Passing TDsQB18.5-11518.5-115Over
Tennessee Titans  Marcus Mariota   Passing YardsQB3025-1103025-120Under