2019 NFC Championship Game Prop Bet Preview Los Angeles Rams vs New Orleans Saints

Ready for a rematch of the Week 9 between the Rams & Saints? The Saints won at home by a 45 – 35 score. Going to bet on the game? How about betting on the players? If you are going to make any prop bets on this game the first thing to do is take a look at the week 9 game and see the prop betting results for the game.

I will be adding in the points spread and totals betting results later this week. That will include, game, half, money line, spread and alternate totals & spreads….results with betting lines. So check back for more prop betting stats you will not find anywhere else.

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Rams vs Saints Game Spreads, Money Line, Quarter Spread, Alt Lines, Totals, Quarter Totals, Alt Totals & Player Prop Results in a PDF for download

Rams vs Saints Week 9 Bovada Betting Results PDF

Includes all player prop bet results and all of the side & total betting line results.

Rams vs Saints Player Prop Bet Results

PlayerTeamBetting EventLineResultOverW/L/PUnderW/L/P
Drew BreesNO Completions25.525-135Loss105Win
Jared GoffLAR Completions25.528-125Win-105Loss
Drew BreesNO Interceptions0.50-115Loss-115Win
Jared GoffLAR Interceptions0.51-105Win-125Loss
Drew BreesNO Passing Attempts35.536-120Win-110Loss
Jared GoffLAR Passing Attempts3540-120Win-110Loss
Drew BreesNO Passing Yards307.5346-120Win-110Loss
Jared GoffLAR Passing Yards315.5391-120Win-110Loss
Drew BreesNO Touchdown Passes2.54150Win-180Loss
Jared GoffLAR Touchdown Passes2.53105Win-135Loss
Alvin KamaraNO Receiving Yards50.534-120Loss-110Win
Todd GurleyLAR Receiving Yards45.511-120Loss-110Win
Alvin KamaraNO Receptions5.54-145Loss115Win
Todd GurleyLAR Receptions4.56-120Win-110Loss
Alvin KamaraNO Rush & Rec Yards100.5116-140Win110Loss
Todd GurleyLAR Rush & Rec Yards134.579-130Loss100Win
Alvin KamaraNO Rushing Yards50.582-115Win-115Loss
Todd GurleyLAR Rushing Yards87.568-120Loss-110Win
Benjamin WatsonNO Receiving Yards29.562-110Win-120Loss
Benjamin WatsonNO Receptions2.53100Win-130Loss
Brandin CooksLAR Receiving Yards81.5114-115Win-115Loss
Cooper KuppLAR Receiving Yards69.589-120Win-110Loss
Michael ThomasNO Receiving Yards90.5211-125Win-105Loss
Robert WoodsLAR Receiving Yards85.571-120Loss-110Win
Brandin CooksLAR Receptions56-105Win-125Loss
Cooper KuppLAR Receptions5.55-110Loss-120Win
Michael ThomasNO Receptions712-105Win-125Loss
Robert WoodsLAR Receptions5.55-140Loss110Win