3rd Quarter Point Spread Results * Los Angeles Rams & New England Patriots

Before you make a bet on the third quarter, shouldn’t you know what the against the spread results are for both teams? Below are the betting results using Bovada sportsbook lines. If you want to make a wager online then get your 50% welcome bonus from Bovada here.

All odds are from BEFORE the kickoff.

For the season the Rams covered the third quarter point spread 10 times and failed to cover on 8 occasions.

The Patriots covered on the third quarter point spread 6 times and failed to cover 10 times

Advantage to the Rams as the Patriots despite all of the accolades about adjustments did not do a good job covering the number in the third or fourth quarter this season.

WeekGameHomeAwayBet OnBet TypePeriodSpreadOddsRESw/L
Week01NE vs HOUNEHOUPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-115-4Loss
Week01OAK vs LAROAKLARRamsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-10510Win
Week02LAR vs ARILARARIRamsPoint Spread 3Q-3-1158Win
Week02JAC vs NEJACNEPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-0.51204Win
Week03LAR vs LACLARLACRamsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-1157Win
Week03DET vs NEDETNEPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-1150Loss
Week04LAR vs MINLARMINRamsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-1202Win
Week04NE vs MIANEMIAPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-1207Win
Week05SEA vs LARSEALARRamsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-125-7Loss
Week05NE vs INDNEINDPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-3100-7Loss
Week06DEN vs LARDENLARRamsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-1150Loss
Week06NE vs KCNEKCPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-110-14Loss
Week07SF vs LARSFLARRamsPoint Spread 3Q-3-1057Win
Week07CHI vs NECHINEPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-0.51303Win
Week08LAR vs GBLARGBRamsPoint Spread 3Q-31105Win
Week08BUF vs NEBUFNEPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-3.5-1050Loss
Week09NO vs LARNOLARRamsPoint Spread 3Q-0.512010Win
Week09NE vs GBNEGBPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-105-7Loss
Week10LAR vs SEALARSEARamsPoint Spread 3Q-3-105-4Loss
Week10TEN vs NETENNEPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-120-3Loss
Week11LAR vs KCLARKCRamsPoint Spread 3Q-0.510510Win
Week12NYJ vs NENYJNEPatriotsPoint Spread 3QNO Odds
Week13NE vs MINNEMINPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-1154Win
Week13DET vs LARDETLARRamsPoint Spread 3Q-3-110-7Loss
Week14CHI vs LARCHILARRamsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5125-9Loss
Week14MIA vs NEMIANEPatriotsPoint Spread 3QNO Odds
Week15LAR vs PHILARPHIRamsPoint Spread 3Q-3-125-17Loss
Week15PIT vs NEPITNEPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-0.51303Win
Week16ARI vs LARARILARRamsPoint Spread 3Q-3.5-1053Loss
Week16NE vs BUFNEBUFPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-3-1151Loss
Week17NE vs NYJNENYJPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-3-1157Win
Week17LAR vs SFLARSFRamsPoint Spread 3Q-3-1057Win
Week19NE vs LACNELACPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-110-4Loss
Week19LAR vs DALLARDALRamsPoint Spread 3Q-0.5-120-5Loss
Week20KC vs NEKCNEPatriotsPoint Spread 3Q0.5-145-4Loss
Week20NO vs LARNOLARRamsPoint Spread 3Q0.5-1250Win