2019 AFC Championship Game Prop Bet Preview New England Patriots vs Kansas City Chiefs

Ready for a rematch of the Week 6 between the Patriots and the Chiefs? The Patriots won at home by a 43 – 40 score. Going to bet on the game? How about betting on the players? If you are going to make any prop bets on this game the first thing to do is take a look at the week 6 game and see the prop betting results for the game.

I will be adding in the points spread and totals betting results later this week. That will include, game, half, money line, spread and alternate totals & spreads….results with betting lines. So check back for more prop betting stats you will not find anywhere else.

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Chiefs vs Patriots Week 6 Player & Team Lines (Sides/Totals/ALT) in a PDF using Bovada Odds

Chiefs vs Patriots Week 6 Betting Line Results from Bovada 

Chiefs vs Patriots Player Prop Bet Results

PlayerTeamBetting EventLineResultOverW/L/PUnderW/L/P
Patrick Mahomes IIKC Completions2523-135Loss105Win
Tom BradyNE Completions26.524-145Loss115Win
Patrick Mahomes IIKC Interceptions0.52-145Win115Loss
Tom BradyNE Interceptions0.50105Loss-135Win
Patrick Mahomes IIKC Passing Attempts38.536-145Loss115Win
Tom BradyNE Passing Attempts40.535-135Loss105Win
Patrick Mahomes IIKC Passing Yards315.5352-135Win105Loss
Tom BradyNE Passing Yards325.5340-135Win105Loss
Patrick Mahomes IIKC Rushing Yards18.59-125Loss-105Win
Tom BradyNE Rushing Yards3.52-125Loss-105Win
Patrick Mahomes IIKC Touchdown Passes2.54125Win-155Loss
Tom BradyNE Touchdown Passes2.51-145Loss115Win
James WhiteNE Receiving Yards55.553-135Loss105Win
Kareem HuntKC Receiving Yards18.5105-115Win-115Loss
Sony MichelNE Receiving Yards11.50-125Loss-105Win
James WhiteNE Receptions5.55-160Loss130Win
Kareem HuntKC Receptions2.55145Win-175Loss
Sony MichelNE Receptions1.50-115Loss-115Win
James WhiteNE Rushing Yards21.539-135Win105Loss
Kareem HuntKC Rushing Yards74.580-125Win-105Loss
Sony MichelNE Rushing Yards78.5106-135Win105Loss
Rob GronkowskiNE Receiving Yards73.597-135Win105Loss
Travis KelceKC Receiving Yards83.561-135Loss105Win
Rob GronkowskiNE Receptions5.53-125Loss-105Win
Travis KelceKC Receptions65-155Loss125Win
Chris ConleyKC Receiving Yards24.519-125Loss-105Win
Josh GordonNE Receiving Yards45.542-125Loss-105Win
Julian EdelmanNE Receiving Yards70.554-135Loss105Win
Philip DorsettNE Receiving Yards29.50-125Loss-105Win
Sammy WatkinsKC Receiving Yards58.518-135Loss105Win
Tyreek HillKC Receiving Yards82.5142-125Win-105Loss
Chris ConleyKC Receptions21120Loss-150Win
Josh GordonNE Receptions2.55-130Win100Loss
Julian EdelmanNE Receptions6.54-115Loss-115Win
Philip DorsettNE Receptions20-115Loss-115Win
Sammy WatkinsKC Receptions4.52115Loss-145Win
Tyreek HillKC Receptions5.57-145Win115Loss

Patriots & Chiefs Full Season Prop Bet Results