5Dimes.eu Super Bowl 53 Game & Prop Bet Odds

Super Bowl LIII game and prop bet odds. We will be posting prop betting sheets from all top sportsbooks right up until Super Bowl 53 kickoff. As more props are offered the sheets will be updated.

5Dimes.eu Super Bowl 53 Odds – Updated 1-21-2019

 New England PatriotsGameMoney Line-133
 Los Angeles RamsGameMoney Line113
 New England PatriotsGameSpread-2.5-110  
 Los Angeles RamsGameSpread2.5-110
 New England PatriotsGameTeam TotalOver30-110
 New England PatriotsGameTeam TotalUnder30-110
 Los Angeles RamsGameTeam TotalOver28-110
 Los Angeles RamsGameTeam TotalUnder28-110
 New England Patriots1st HalfMoney Line-125
 Los Angeles Rams1st HalfMoney Line105
 New England Patriots1st HalfSpread-0.5-105
 Los Angeles Rams1st HalfSpread0.5-115
Combined1st HalfTotalOver28-105
Combined1st HalfTotalUnder28-115
 New England Patriots1st HalfTeam TotalOver14-110
 New England Patriots1st HalfTeam TotalUnder14-110
 Los Angeles Rams1st HalfTeam TotalOver14-105
 Los Angeles Rams1st HalfTeam TotalUnder14-115
 New England Patriots2nd HalfMoney Line-140
 Los Angeles Rams2nd HalfMoney Line120
 New England Patriots2nd HalfSpread-2-110
 Los Angeles Rams2nd HalfSpread2-110
Combined2nd HalfTotalOver29.5-110
Combined2nd HalfTotalUnder29.5-110
 New England Patriots2nd HalfTeam TotalOver14.5-125
 New England Patriots2nd HalfTeam TotalUnder14.5105
 Los Angeles Rams2nd HalfTeam TotalOver14100
 Los Angeles Rams2nd HalfTeam TotalUnder14-120
 New England Patriots1st QMoney Line-120
 Los Angeles Rams1st QMoney Line100
 New England Patriots1st QSpread-0.5135
 Los Angeles Rams1st QSpread0.5-155
Combined1st QTotalOver10.5115
Combined1st QTotalUnder10.5-135
 New England Patriots1st QTeam TotalOver6.5-135
 New England Patriots1st QTeam TotalUnder6.5105
 Los Angeles Rams1st QTeam TotalOver6.5-115
 Los Angeles Rams1st QTeam TotalUnder6.5-115
 New England Patriots2nd QSpread-0.5105
 Los Angeles Rams2nd QSpread0.5-125
Combined2nd QTotalOver17-110
Combined2nd QTotalUnder17-110
 New England Patriots3rd QSpread-0.5125
 Los Angeles Rams3rd QSpread0.5-145
Combined3rd QTotalOver10.5100
Combined3rd QTotalUnder10.5-120
 New England Patriots4th QSpread-0.5105
 Los Angeles Rams4th QSpread0.5-125
Combined4th QTotalOver14.5-105
Combined4th QTotalUnder14.5-115

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