Super Bowl 49 Prop Bet Predictions

There are a lot of prop bets on Super Bowl 2015 but which ones should you bet on? If you just want to bet on anything the you can start with the coin toss. Or, for fun you can bet on Katy Perry. How about player props on Tom Brady & Russel Wilson. Whoever you bet on you want to approach prop betting the same way you approach side or totals bets. A little research can go a long way. Before I make my Super Bowl Prop Bet Predictions, I handicap the game.

Lets start with a basic NFL Prop Bet for the Super Bowl. Total number of field goals made.

1. Odds from (see current odds) over 3.5 field goals is +110

I will be taking over 3.5 field goals combined (Seattle & New England).

Part of handicapping the game was to create a quarter by quarter scenario of how I think the game will unfold and with this I have player stats and scoring by quarter laid out. The scoring by quarter will be part of my Super Bowl Live Betting Strategy which I will publish later this week.
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In my predicted score for the Super Bowl I have the Patriots winning 27 to 20. However, my prop bets are a little different. I look at the return versus the likelihood. For the game I have two prop bets on the margin of victory. Since I believe this will end up being a close game that will not be decided until the final two minutes of the game. I will be betting on BOTH teams.

Margin of Victory Prop Bets:

Patriots 1 to 6 points at +325

Seahawks 1 to 6 points at +325


Right now Gronkowski is the favorite at at -125. With my pick for the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl you might think that I would be betting on Gronk. I am taking Brandon LeFell at +650. The Seahawks are one of the better teams in the NFL at covering short and medium range passing. They are vulnerable to the deep pass because they depend on the pass rush to take away the deep threat. Brady will get his chances deep and he will hit a couple.

Most Receiving Yards – Brandon LeFell at +650


No surprise Marshawn Lynch is the favorite at -400. I tried to come up with another player that may lead the game in rushing but it always came back to Lynch. I will be taking a lot of chalk but he is my choice.

Most rushing yards : Marshawn Lynch -400


If you are going to bet on the Super Bowl, do yourself a favor. Open more than one online betting account. There are a couple of reasons to do this. First, different books will have different odds on the same event. Why lose by the hook when another book would have given you a win or at least a push. Think, have you ever lost a bet by the hook? Secondly, not all books offer the same bets. Some will have more prop bets. Some will offer more in game betting odds on player props and lines. If you have ever tried to bet on your phone or computer and had your bookies website go very slow when you are trying to bet you will know the value of having betting options. The last and in some respects the most important reason. Never put all your eggs in one basket.


Who will score first in Super Bowl 49. I have the Patriots as the faster starting team and it looks like the odds makers agree with me. The Patriots are -120 and the Seahawks are 100. Seattle plays a more conservative offense in the first half and barring a Patriot turnover I like the Patriots to score first.

Team to Score First: New England Patriots -120


Who will throw for the most passing yards? Well, if New England is going to win. It will be up to Tom Brady to get the offense going. The odds from are Tom Brady (-37.5 yards) at -105 and Russell Wilson (+37.5 yards) at -125. I have Brady throwing for about 270 yards and Wilson for less than 200 yards.

Most Passing Yards: Brady (-37.5 yards) at -105


Bet on penalties? Yes, every time the ref interrupts the game I get close to making money! Most people would think that to get to the Super Bowl you would have to be one of the least penalized teams in the NFL. Wrong, in fact the Seattle Seahawks are the most penalized team. They averaged 8 penalties a game on their own. The New England Patriots weren’t much better at 27th in the league at 7.4 penalties per game.

Super Bowl Penalties according to

Patriots over 7 at -120 (yes)

Seahawks over 7.5 at -120 (yes)


In my game prediction I have the New England Patriots getting out to the early lead and the Seattle Seahawks playing from behind in the second half. The Seahawks will make a comeback and they will need to try an onside kick in the fourth quarter. Even if the Patriots are the ones trailing in the fourth quarter you have one of the best come from behind quarterbacks in the league with Tom Brady.

Will there be an onside kick attempt: Yes +130