2018 NFL Week 14 Best 
Wide Receiver Prop Bets

I know there are  a lot of predictions and betting models out there but, what about the results? There have been 13 Weeks of results and why should we ignore that? Do you think Chris Hogan is a good receiver? If you do and bet the over on receiving yardage and receptions prop bets then Bovada sportsbook has made money off of you. On receiving and receptions prop bets he is a combined 1 and 15 to the under. Why fight the trend? If there was a team that was going under the total this much would you bet on it?

This is the key difference between playing fantasy football and prop betting. It does not matter how much a player goes over or under the projection. If he goes over by one yard or one hundred yards the payout is the same. I am not looking at a players ceiling or floor, I am looking at the likelihood of an outcome. Look at these picks based on real money results this season and make some money.

Prop bet results are based on Bovada sportsbook odds.

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Adam Humphries Receiving Yards Prop Bet

Lowly Tampa Bay. They aren’t going anywhere near the playoffs and the team has been inconsistent on offense except for one player. Adam Humphries has gone over the total on receiving yards prop bets on 8 of the 9 times the prop was offered by Bovada. If you bet the over all 9 times you would have made a profit of $663.35. It is not too late to get in on the action.

Bet: Adam Humphries OVER 55.5 (-118) Receiving Yards


Chris Hogan Receiving Yards Prop Bet

The Patriots still have the perception of a top offense but they are not performing up to betting expectations. Chris Hogan has had receiving yardage prop bet odds posted 8 times and has gone over the total just once. On receptions prop bets he is even worse having failed all 8 times. For the season if you had bet the under on every Hogan receiving yardage and reception prop bet offered by Bovada you would have made a profit of $1,334.04

Bet: Chris Hogan UNDER Receiving Yards & Recptions * Not on the board at Bovada today *

Chris Godwin Receiving Yards Prop Bet

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have been all over the place this year. One week getting over 400 yards passing and the next the offense disappears. But, there is one guy who has had a good season against the number. Chris Godwin has gone 7 and 2 on receiving yardage over bets. Everyone still thinks of DeSean Jackson as the main wide receiver and that allows Godwin to go over looked.

Bet: Chris Godwin OVER 60.5 (-115) Receiving Yards

Micheal Thomas Receiving Yardage Prop Bet

The Saints have one of the top offenses in the NFL and that will lead most people to betting the over on players. However, Drew Brees spreads the ball around and one place that is evident is on Micheal Thomas receiving yards prop bets. He has covered the over on just 3 of the 12 times the bet was offered by Bovada. If you had bet the over every week you would have lost $660 but, if you had bet the under all 12 weeks you would have made a profit of $550.17. Take the money!

Bet: Micheal Thomas UNDER 87.5 (-105) Receiving Yards

Jordy Nelson Receiving Yards & Receptions Prop Bets

The Oakland Raiders have been one of the leagues biggest failures. Derek Carr gets a lot of the blame but he has had help. One guy who has really under performed is Jordy Nelson. On receiving yards prop bets he has gone over the total just 2 of 9 times and has cost over bettors $540. Receptions has been as bad but he has still only covered 2 times with 6 going under and one a push for a loss of $429.09. However, if you had bet the under on both this season you would have made a profit of $765.65. Bet the under while you still can.

Bet: Jordy Nelson UNDER  40.5 (-115) Receiving Yards & UNDER 3 (-105) Receptions