2018 NFL Week 14 Best 
Tight End Prop Bets

I know there are  a lot of predictions and betting models out there but, what about the results? There have been 13 Weeks of results and why should we ignore that? Have you bet on Zach Ertz yet? The Philadelphia Eagles tight end is having a great season. He is going over the total at a profitable rate. So far this season on receiving yards he has gone over the total 8 times and under 4 times for a profit of $268.94 if you bet the over each week based on $100 bets.

This is the key difference between playing fantasy football and prop betting. It does not matter how much a player goes over or under the projection. If he goes over by one yard or one hundred yards the payout is the same. I am not looking at a players ceiling or floor, I am looking at the likelihood of an outcome. Look at these picks based on real money results this season and make some money.

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Zach Ertz Receiving Yards Prop Bet

Zach Ertz has 93 receptions this season and looks like he will break the record for receptions by a tight end if he stays healthy. The bet I am taking is on yardage. All of those receptions have resulted in 978 yards and 6 touchdowns. The profit is in the yardage as he has gone over the total 8 of the 12 times prop bet odds were offered on receiving yardage. He has also gone over the total on receptions with a similar 8 out of 12 times but the odds were shaded heavily to the under (over was -120 or more) but the return is still positive. If you had bet $100 on the over for receptions you would have a profit of $179.36. Not as big as the receiving yards but still a profit. If you had bet both each week you would have netted $444.19.

Bet: Zach Ertz OVER 73.5 (-115) Receiving Yards

George Kittle Receptions Prop Bet

This isn’t a glamorous prop bet to make. You don’t see a lot of TV time devoted to over / under on tight end receptions. Good, that means almost everyone else will be betting blind but you will have some decent information to wager on. So far this season George Kittle reception prop bets have gone over the total 7 times and under 3 times for a profit of $248.25 if you bet the over each week. Why not make a few bucks and help build your rewards or bonus offers?

Bet: George Kittle OVER 5.5 (-140) Receptions

Rob Gronkowski Receptions & Receiving Yards Prop Bet

The Gronk is back. Well sort of. He might be playing but he is far from dominating but his name still means a lot to gamblers and they have been betting the over on receptions and receiving yards this season. Guess what? They lost money on both bets. Receiving yards the over has gone 3 and 6 with a net loss of $362.05. On receptions the over has gone 2 and 7 with a loss of $542.42. However, if you had been betting the under on both you would have made a profit of $720.65. Bet the under until he proves he is really back.

Bet: Rob Gronkowski Receiving Yards 52.5 (-105) & Receptions UNDER 4 (-105)