2018 NFL Week 14 Best 
Running Back Prop Bets

I know there are  a lot of predictions and betting models out there but, what about the results? There have been 13 Weeks of results and why should we ignore that? Would it make sense to bet on a running back who has only covered the over on receiving yards 2 times out of the 12 times the bet was offered? Always remember, you are not betting against the sportsbook. You are betting against the public perceptions of a player. That player who goes under the receiving yard total? He would be Alvin Kamara and you would have made a $708.04 profit if you had bet the under all twelve weeks based on a wager of $100 dollars on each bet.

This is the key difference between playing fantasy football and prop betting. It does not matter how much a player goes over or under the projection. If he goes over by one yard or one hundred yards the payout is the same. I am not looking at a players ceiling or floor, I am looking at the likelihood of an outcome. Look at these picks based on real money results this season and make some money.

Prop bet results are based on Bovada sportsbook odds.

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Alvin Kamara Receiving Yards Prop Bet

The Saints offense is one of the best in the NFL and Alvin Kamara is having a pro bowl season. However, the hype leads the betting public to think he will easily go over the total every week. The sportsbooks know this so they shade the total to the over to make a fat profit off of uniformed customers. Fortunaley for you. This website has the unique information that you can not find anywhere else on NFL prop betting. We have every prop bet result for the last two season. Take advantage of our free information and make some money. This season Alvin Karmara has covered the over 2 times out of 12 on receiving yardage prop bets by Bovada.

Bet: Alvin Kamara UNDER 40.5 (-115) receiving yards

Ezekiel Elliott Receptions Prop Bet

Coming into this season Ezekiel Elliott did not have a good reputation as a receiving back. But, this year with the loss of Witten at tight end and Dez Bryant at receiver, he was forced to be more involved in the passing game. It has paid off big for bettors who were betting the over on receptions for him this season. So far he has gone over the total 8 times while going under just 3 times. This has a nice profit of $325.97 for gamblers who bet the over every week. Why stop now?

Bet: Ezekiel Elliot OVER 4.5 (+105) receptions

David Johnson Rushing Yards Prop Bet

Arizona Cardinals running back David Johnson was going to be the man this season. However, a rookie quarterback has helped stall the offensive production of not only the passing game but also the running game. So far this season Duke Johnson has gone over the rushing yardage prop bet total only 3 times and has gone under 9 times. If you had bet the under all 12 times you would have a profit of $521.46. Taking under bets is something that the public is reluctant to do but, as you can see if you can stomach the bet then the under is where the profit is.

Bet: David Johnson UNDER 71.5 (-120) rushing yards

LeSean McCoy Multiple Prop Bets

Another rookie quarterback that has managed to help a running back under perform this season. Betting the under on McCoy would have really paid off well. So far this season over bets are (2-8)  on receiving yardage props, (3-6) on receptions, (1-5) on combined rushing & receiving yards and, (3-7) on rushing yards. If you had bet the under every week your profit would be $1,419.85.

Bet: LeSean McCoy UNDER on every bet offered *
Receiving Yards UNDER 20.5 (-115)
Rushing Yards UNDER 57.5 (-115)