2018 NFL Week 14 Best
Quarterback Prop Bets

I know there are  a lot of predictions and betting models out there but, what about the results? There have been 13 Weeks of results and why should we ignore that? Why would you pass on betting on a quarterback who has gone over the posted total on touchdown passes with a (11-1) record? What about a quarterback that betting the under on passing attempts would have netted a profit of over $500 on $100 each week. These picks are based on real betting results this season.

This is the key difference between playing fantasy football and prop betting. It does not matter how much a player goes over or under the projection. If he goes over by one yard or one hundred yards the payout is the same. I am not looking at a players ceiling or floor, I am looking at the likelihood of an outcome. Look at these picks based on real money results this season and make some money.

Prop bet results are based on Bovada sportsbook odds.

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Cam Newton Touchdown Passes Prop Bet

Cam has been money all season long when it comes to touchdown prop betting. He has gone 11-1 to the over and would have pocketed you $757.86 if you had bet on him each week this season.

Prop Bet Pick: Cam Newton OVER 2 (+120)

Aaron Rodgers Interceptions Prop Bet

So far this season the Green Bay Packers may have under performed and Aaron Rodgers has not had an MVP season but, there is one area he has excelled this season. Not turning the ball over. On interceptions prop bets the over has covered just once in eleven times the bet has been offered by Bovada. If you had bet the under all eleven weeks you would have made a profit of $653.75. Today he is going against an Atlanta defense that has been mediocre at best.

Bet: Aaron Rodgers UNDER 0.5 (-170) on interceptions

Philip Rivers Passing Attempts Prop Bet

The Chargers look like they are going to the playoffs and Philip Rivers is having another top season. Most people would bet the over on Rivers prop bets because of how well he and the Chargers offense have performed. However, there is one area you would really profit from if you took the under. So far this year the under has cashed on 9 of the 12 times Bovada offered the bet. If you had bet the under all 12 weeks you would have netted $523.78. Why not start making money now?

Bet: Philip Rivers UNDER  34.5 (-115) on passing attempts

Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards Prop Bet

Sometimes the obvious bet is the right bet. Patrick Mahomes has had an MVP type season passing for 3,923 yards which is second in the NFL. How has he done on his passing yardage prop bets? The over is 9 wins and 3 losses. The net on betting the over at Bovada every week? $452.32 in your pocket. Why go against success? It is fun to bet the over and even more fun to bet the over and cash your ticket.

Bet: Patrick Mahomes OVER 286.5 (-115) Passing Yards

Russell Wilson Rushing Yards Prop Bet

The Seahawks are in the playoff hunt again and in large part that is the results of quarterback Russell Wilson getting the most out of questionable offensive talent. One thing he is known for is his ability to get first downs while keeping drives alive by running the ball. But, would it be a good bet that he will go over on rushing yards prop bets? Nope, this season the over has only cashed on 3 of the 12 times it was offered. If you had bet the under on rushing yardage prop bets you would have made $545.79 this season. Most people can’t bet the under and the sportsbooks take advantage of that and shade the total higher than it should be. Bet like a pro and take the under.

Bet: Russell Wilson UNDER on rushing yards