NFL Prop Betting Predictions

2018 NFL Week 2 Prop Bet Predictions

I am using the prop betting odds from today. Their lines come out on Saturday and that gives me more time to do research. I will be betting with Bovada lines, however they are released about 5 hours before kickoff.

One reason I use a lot is that they have several prop bets available on each betting event. Look at Jimmy Garoppolo prop bet picks. I have three different bets on how many passing yards he will have. This lets me “tier” my bets. This means I can bet different amounts on each prop bet. I will bet more on the one with lesser odds. On Garoppolo I bet 60% on over 271, 30% over 291 and, 10% over 311.

Prop Bet Tip

Prop bets have lower limits and one way around this is to make several similar prop bets. Here I have three different bets that allow me to triple my betting limit.


Jimmy Garoppolo Passing Yards Picks

Passing Yards Over 271 (-116)
Passing Yards Over 291 (+125)
Passing Yards Over 311 (+212)

Nelson Agholor Receiving Yards Picks

Over 61 Receiving Yards (-115)
Over 76 Receiving Yards (+133)

George Kittle Receiving Yards Picks

Over 47 Receiving Yards (-119)
Over 62 Receiving Yards (+127)
Over 77 Receiving Yards (+246)

Jarvis Landry Receiving Yards Picks

Over 75 Receiving Yards (-110)
Over 90 Receiving Yards (+131)
Over 105 Receiving Yards (+252)

Lions Defense vs Passing Yards Prop Bets

The Lions defense has been terrible over the last 10 games with the quarterback passing yards prop bets covering the over 8 out of 10 times. The two times they didn’t were against the Jets because the game was a blowout and against rookie Mitch Trubisky, Love Jimmy G to get his yards and more.

Jimmy G Over 271 passing yards is my best prop bet

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