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The NFL season starts on Thursday September 6th with a game between the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles and the Atlanta Falcons. Of course you can bet on the game but there are hundreds of other bets to be made. One of the most popular are season long player prop bets. I used the odds from 5Dimes.eu online sportsbook for my bet selection. 5Dimes.eu has more prop betting odds than anyone else and just as important, they have their odds up early. One of the most frustrating things about prop betting is getting a lot of odds dumped late and not having a chance to make all of the bets I want.

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Aaron Rodgers passing yards 4050½

The over is (-135) and the under is (-105). That the steam has gone to the over tells a little about where the action has been to now. The Chicago Bears addition of Khalil Mack should not really alter his overall performance for the season. He will face a top Vikings defense twice this season but there will be enough shootout games that he will put up over 400 yards at least once.

Bet: Aaron Rodgers over 4050.5 passing yards

Deshuan Watson passing yards 3799½

The over is (-125) and the under is (-115). He had a great run last year but he ended up getting hurt and I see no reason for different results this season. The reason he fell down in the draft order coming out of college is his body frame worried a lot of GM’s. He his body type was almost exactly like Robert Griffin III and we all saw what happened to him over the years.

Bet: Under 3799.5 passing yards at (-115)

Drew Brees passing yards 4475½

The over is (-150) and the under is (+110). This time I am going against the crowd. I like the Saints this season to make the playoffs but the reason for that is that I like the all around play of the team more. They have a top running game and the defense has improved. I just don’t see Drew Brees having to win as many shootouts as before. New Orleans will be able to run the ball more effectively when in the lead. Another factor, Brees is not that young and saving him from taking extra hits by controlling the clock will help him come playoff time.

Bet: Under passing yards 4475½

Eli Manning passing yards 3949½

The over is (-110) and the under is (-130). The action so far has been on the under and I agree with how the money has been bet. The New York Giants offensive is not that good. The receivers will drop a lot of passes and now that they have a running game. Why not use it? Unless Barkley ends up with 80 pass receptions I like Manning to go well under this total. I have him at 3450 for the season.

Bet: Under passing yards 3949½

Jimmy Garoppolo passing yards 4399½

What? I know he looked good at the end of the season but the hype on him is unbelievable. However, I love the hype because it helps me get a better betting number. He is the quarterback of the future for the San Francisco 49ers. But, who else is on this roster? The 49ers are not a good team and one way for them to stay in games is to slot the game down. Unless San Francisco trades for some top offensive line and wide receiver talent there is no reason for him to come close to this number. The over is (-115) and the under is at (-125)

Bet: Under passing yards 4399½

Russell Wilson passing yards 3850½

The over is (-105) and the under is (-135). I really like this one. I have the Seattle Seahawks defense on a major decline. The Seahawks are going to need to score 24+ points each week if they want to win. When I look at the Seattle offense one thing comes to mind. An old Bugs Bunny cartoon. It had a baseball theme with Bugs playing first base..Bugs playing second base, Bugs playing third base…..you get the idea. If Wilson stays healthy he has a chance to pass for 4000 yards and rush for over 600. I like him to come close to 5,000 total yards for the season

Bet: Over passing yards 3850½

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