Tom Brady Super Bowl

Tom Brady Super Bowl 52 Prop Bet Picks


The Eagles have a solid pass defense as they’ve shown thus far in the playoffs, but they can be beaten and what is worse than getting beaten. They can be beaten deep. It is not like I expect Brady to have an easy day of it. The Eagles pass rush will get to him and he will throw some errant passes. I do expect him to throw at least one interception. However, the Eagles defensive backs will be toast on the plays Brady has time to throw and he will have enough of those to pass for well over 300 yards. In fact, my projections have him with 358 passing yards. So, I lean to the over on Brady and his prop bets.

I have several prop bets on Brady. They include the “quick picks” which are equal to or over prop bets.

Tom Brady Prop Bets:

Over 288.5 passing yards at (-125)

309 or over passing yards at (123)

Over 26.5 completions at (-115)

28 or over completions at (102)

I have no bet on the attempts because the odds are at (-140)

3 or more touchdowns at (131)

Over 0.5 interceptions at Bovada (110)

I might as well give you my projections for Tom Brady.

358 passing yards

40 passing attempts

28 completions

3 touchdowns

1 interception

To help you make your picks I have included a player prop bet database below. The database is all Bovada sportsbook player prop bets available on Tom Brady in 2017. I included the opponents and the results of all prop odds offered. Good luck and be ready for a little “in game” betting. If you have never done that all of the sportsbooks listed above offer it and it is a lot of fun. With “in game” wagering the odds change on every play.

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