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Betting on sports has become a big worldwide business over the last couple of decades. Even if you live in the United States, there is a lot of betting action on the sports and in particular the NFL. It’s not easy to bet on sports in the United States, but there are several things that you can do to get in the action with the best sportsbook for you. One of the simplest things that you can do on your end is to start using bonus codes and free bets. Like any other business, the online sportsbooks cannot survive without people coming to their sites and depositing money. And people won’t go to sportsbooks unless there is a benefit to them. The first bonus you get is the welcome bonus and it is initiated with a deposit. The welcome bonus is usually one of the best promotions online sportsbooks have so take full advantage of it on your first deposit. The amount of your welcome bonus can vary widely depending on how much you deposit, type of deposit such as a Bitcoin deposit bonus and there are several promotions during the year to acquire new customers.

How Sportsbook Bonus Codes Work

Sportsbook promo codes work in two main ways. The first is as we discussed earlier is the welcome bonus. As a rule, these are only applicable on your very first deposit. They’re usually the biggest bonus you can get, so take advantage of the “free money” that the sportsbook offers. Again, some online sites do offer a bigger welcome bonus if you use Bitcoin instead of another deposit method.

Most online sportsbooks offer a reload bonus, but they are always for a lesser percentage than the welcome bonus. The reload might be for just 15 percent. That doesn’t sound like much but if you think of it as free money then where else are you going to get a 15% bonus. Every bonus you get is a chance to add to your bankroll.

The Best Online Sportsbook Bonus Codes

Getting yourself, the very best welcome bonus codes should be a top priority. Once you find a site that you like and that accepts bettors from your country. Make sure that you are getting the most out of your money. Welcome bonuses are usually related to the size of your initial deposit so don’t be afraid to make a significant deposit. If it is a 50% welcome bonus and you deposit $100, then the free $50 sounds great but, if you had deposited $200. You would have a $100 welcome bonus.

Sports to Bet On

There are a lot of sports out there, and if you look in the right spot, you can bet on any of them. This includes both professional and collegiate sports. Some of the most popular to bet on include European Soccer leagues, NFL, MLB, College Football, Hockey, and NBA. There are other sports too that are often geographically dependent. For example, NASCAR and PGA Golf betting are very popular in the United States, while sports like Cricket are more popular in India, South Africa, and England. If you like soccer, then you are in luck when it comes to online sports wagering. There are soccer matches to bet on year-round.

There are a number of ways to bet on the sports of your choice, but they can be broken down into three main categories on a per game basis: the outcome of the game, an individual’s performance, and the occurrence of a specific event. What’s more, you can also bet on season long or multiple game/series outcomes, too. In the NFL for example, futures bets before a season begins on who will be the winner of the Super Bowl. Futures wagering is difficult to predict, but when you do, the payouts will generally be much higher than if you were to wait until later in the season. This is where advanced knowledge of team workings, prospects, and management personalities come in and help you. In 2017 a 5,000 to 1 shot Leicester City won the English Premier League. The Los Angeles Rams were 200 to 1 and they won a Super Bowl, so it does happen.

The NFL is by far the most popular sports to bet on in the United States and the most popular single sports betting event each year is the Super Bowl. The betting on the Super Bowl is not limited to just the outcome of the game. There will be plenty of prop bets. Wagering on how many passing yards, how many touchdowns, receiving yards and field goals. There will also be betting on things that have nothing to do with the game like, how long will the national anthem take and who will win the coin toss. There will be hundreds of prop bets available and if you want to have a little fun with one then it is time to open an account, get your welcome bonus and have some fun.

Daily Fantasy Sports and Prop Betting

Fantasy sports have become extremely popular now that stats are so widely available on the internet. You may have either played on Draftkings & Fanduel or at least seen some of the endless commercials these DFS sites have run. Much like prop betting. You are really not interested in the outcome of the game and instead you are wagering on the outcome of a player. A good knowledge of sports and statistics can give you a big advantage over the people that you play against. If you are going to make a prop bet, then take advantage of our Player Prop Bet Results. We tracked nearly 6,000 NFL player prop bets offered by Bovada online sportsbook and have the results for each.

See our NFL Player Prop Bet Results for the 2017-2018 season to get the advantage on Super Bowl prop betting.

Bovada NFL 2017-18 Player Prop Bet Results

If you do decide to play daily fantasy sports, then take advantage promotional codes. Using the right code can double your cash or more and let you start earning more money than you would have originally been able to. It also can act as a safety net and help you to overcome the small learning curve that one-day leagues have.

Where To Bet the NFL and the Super Bowl?

With so many sportsbooks in operation, it is not uncommon for new players to wonder where the best and safest NFL betting can take place. Each player will want to have access to certain features, and one online book may be better at supplying these than another. Determining exactly what you want most from a sportsbook will make the decision-making process much easier. For some players, the biggest bonus is a priority. For others the mobile sportsbook wagering interface is important. Of course, you want the sportsbook to offer a lot of odds on your favorite sports. Lastly, but very importantly, you want a sportsbook that will pay you when you win.

Reduced juice, or betting lines (-100 lines instead of -110), is a top priority to the more professional gambler. Of the top online books in operation today, 5Dimes is widely known the best online sportsbook offering a low vig. Lower vig means that players are able to risk less per game, savings which can certainly add up over the course of a season. There are of course other betting websites offering reduced juice, but 5Dimes in special in that it offers a large variety of wager types, and excellent interface, and make the withdrawal of winnings a simple and straightforward process. If you are going to be wagering professionally or making daily wagers on games like basketball and baseball, then reduced juice can add up to a big improvement in your ROI.

Bovada Online Sportsbook

This is the website that players who are looking for a solid all-around betting experience will want to visit. This sportsbook does it all, from offering a wonderful interface and strong customer service, to providing a massive variety of betting options on a huge number of sports. To round of the package, Bovada makes the processes of deposits and withdrawals easy, and provides some nice bonuses to both new and loyal clients. Another great all-around choice worth mentioning is William Hill, which is one of the oldest and most reliable books in the business. Online Sportsbook

Players who want access to more than just standard bets will want to visit BetOnline, as they offer they a huge variety of betting options such as futures bets on nearly all NFL teams, players or game props. Live betting is also offered by BetOnline, which may not seem a big deal since most sportsbooks offer it. However, this one posts fresh odds throughout the game, allowing players to enter bets well after the game has begun. As an additional perk, their interface is well-designed, making it extremely easy for new players to get started.

MyBookie Online Sportsbook

Players who want a top mobile wagering experience should try It is a USA customer focused website with a large variety of betting options such as futures bets on nearly all NFL teams, players prop bets or game prop bets. Live betting is also offered by MyBookieag, which may not seem a big deal since most sportsbooks offer it. However, this one posts fresh odds throughout the game, allowing players to enter bets well after the game has begun. Add to that, has betting promotions beyond the welcome bonus. Online Sportsbook

For large payouts and substantial bonuses, is an attractive option. $25,000 and $100,000 NFL survivor pools are offered (including mid-season survivor pools), along with many other opportunities to win money using non-standard betting methods. Players are provided with a free bet when their first bet is placed. There are is also a refer-a-friend bonus which provides a free $50 bet for each friend referred friends who signs up. The other books mentioned here offer attractive payouts and bonuses as well, and it is certainly worth checking out their latest offers. Online Sportsbook

Players who want a professional online sportsbook should checkout It is a USA customer focused website with a large variety of betting options such as futures bets on nearly all NFL teams, players prop bets or game prop bets. One thing that really separates from other online sportsbooks is the reduced jiuce on bets. If you are betting larger wagers then taking a side at -105 can make a big difference than -110. Lets say you bet want to win $10,000 on your Super Bowl bet. At most sportsbooks you get (-110) which would mean you have to bet $11,000 to win $10,000 but at you would only need to bet $10,500 to win $10,000.

Top USA Customers Betting Sites

In the United States there are many sports gamblers who do not live in Las Vegas, so they must go online and search for the top USA betting sites. There are hundreds of sites that accept USA customers but, it can be tough to know which books are trustworthy. In addition to reliable payments, players also seek out a place where there are plenty of sports and bets to choose from.

Bovada online sportsbook is located in Canada and directs its business toward the USA customer. Not only do they offer wagering on nearly every sport imaginable, they also offer a full casino, poker, and horse racing. Because they cater to the US customer they have odds on all of the popular sporting events in the United States. The betting interface is user-friendly, allowing new players to get started without any problems. There is also a mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The mobile sports betting interface is really easy to use. The Welcome Bonus is 50% and there is a good Refer-A-Friend bonus to take advantage of. Bovada is one of the most trusted names in the business and the motto “never missed a payout” is one of the thing I like about Bovada. When I win and want to cash out. I get my money.

Another great selection for U.S. residents who wish to make wagers online is BetOnline. This book also offers a complete line of sports, horse, casino, and poker games. Parlays, teasers, futures, props, future bets, and live betting are all provided.

5Dimes has been in operation since 1999 and is now known as one of the top USA betting sites. This book offers the largest amount of wager types, along with a variety of odds on sporting events. Casino, lottery, racebook, and poker are also offered. Promotions such as Reduced Juice, Free Play, and Cash Back are offered to both new and established players, along with daily and weekly contests., has been in operation since 1996. This book is regulated by the UK Gambling commission and is also licensed. A quick look at their website will show players that all types of betting options are available, along with plenty of promotions. Prize money of up to $2 million is offered on just a single contest! Bonuses include free bets of up to 100%, with no rollovers. Cash bonuses are also offered. makes banking easy, and does provide players with the opportunity to avoid withdrawal fees when specific payment methods are chosen. The one drawback to this book is that payment delivery times tend to be slower than average.

A relatively new site to consider is MyBookie sporsbook which began in 2014. They maybe new but they are a tech focused website that is all in on mobile wagering and USA customers. They are offering some of the best bonus offers around to build their business. I really like MyBookie sportsbook for its bonus offers and ease of mobile interface when betting on my phone.


How We Chose an Online Sportsbook

There are so many online sportsbooks worldwide, it can be hard to select one for your online betting needs. We have experts who analyze and review sportsbooks and give you all the details, including the pros, cons, features, restrictions, bonuses and promotions. Our reviewers read all the fine print so there are no surprises when you sign up for your sportsbook account. We only recommend the top online sportsbooks for the Super Bowl, to give you the best betting experience this February. These are books that we ourselves use, and would recommend to anyone looking to bet on the Super Bowl.


What if you hit a big bet? A few years ago a bettor wagered $1000 on a Super Bowl prop bet and won. The was what will the first score of the game be? He picked “New York Giants safety” at 50-1, and that’s exactly what happened. He was paid. Think of that when you pick a sportsbook. What happens when I win?

Signing up at a sportsbook that is accountable and actually pays out, especially those huge winning payouts; and more specifically, a sportsbook that carries enough money to cover your 50K win and pay everyone else out as well, is extremely important. This is far and away the most important criterion in your decision-making process. Banks fail when they run out of money, and so do sportsbooks.

The five online sportsbooks that we have recommended all take millions of dollars in wagers each week and payout millions to their customers. The Bovada sportsbook motto “never missed a payout” is why they are now the top sportsbook for USA customers. They run their sportsbook like a professional business.

Customer Service

Unlike most tech companies sportsbooks still need to talk to the customer. There are many gamblers who only want to bet on the phone. These books can accomedate you. Of course they are all available online for any questions you have. Although problems are rare with reputable sportsbooks, the ones who provide the best customer service are generally the most reliable. This is especially important when you’re a new bettor with a lot of questions. Any reputable sportsbook will be happy to answer your questions and solve your problems, no matter how small they may be.


Yes, I know we already went over this but it is important to get the most out of your bonus offers. Take a look at the 5 online sportsbooks we have recommended and pick the one that is best for you. In fact, I would recommend at least 2 sportsbooks so you can do a little line shopping to get the best line on your bets. Good luck and if you want to read more see our article on :

How can I bet on the Super Bowl if I am not in Las Vegas?