NFL Player Prop Bet Results 2017

NFL Bovada Player Prop Bet Results – 2017

We tracked nearly 6,000 NFL player prop bets by Bovada online sportsbook. The database below contains the prop bets for the four Championship Teams: Jacksonville Jaguars, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots, Philadelphia Eagles. While our database is usable on a mobile device. To do real research we recommend a laptop.

The terms used in our Player Prop Bet Database:

  • Combined = combined rushing and receiving yards
  • Betting Event = The proposition that was offered
  • Player = Player the prop bet is on
  • POS = Player position
  • Team = Team the player is on
  • Opp = Opposing team
  • H/A = Was the players team home or away
  • Line = Betting line offered by Bovada sportsbook
  • Odds = Betting odds offered by Bovada sportsbook
  • O/U = Player prop bets are offered as over / under bets
  • Res = Player results. Yardage, touchdowns,..etc
  • Win = The over / under win. Which one covered the bet.
  • DNP = Did not play. If a player does not take the field the bet is a push

You cans see live betting odds from Bovada sportsbook here


See our prop betting database here

NFL Prop Betting Database

NFL Prop Bet Handicapping Database

The NFL prop betting database here at PropBets.Football is not a simple archive listing all the games. It’s a do-it-yourself searchable database that allows you to pick your team, player or several other situations . What was Blake Bortles over / under results on passing yards? Tochdowns? How were the quarterbacks on the road vs at home?

Its the ultimate freedom for NFL handicappers to search for their own angles and do their own betting research. The NFL database includes all four championship teams and contains all of the player prop bets from Bovada sportsbook for the 2017 NFL season.