Super Bowl 52 Odds & Picks Eagles vs Patriots

Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots 2017 Bovada Prop Bet Odds, Lines, Results

I compiled all of the Bovada NFL player prop bets in 2017. I have the player prop bet results for both the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England Patriots. The results are by individual players and by all players on a team.

The team prop bets include all players on the team AND opposing players against the team. You can see how Tom Brady did on passing yardage prop bets and you can see how opposing quarterbacks did against the Patriots. The playoff games have not been added yet. I plan to have them included soon.

To make full use of the database. At the bottom of it you can enter multiple sort criteria. Good luck and I hope this helps your prop betting. If you are a journalist and use this for an article, please provide sourcing and a backlink. If you are going to wager on the Super Bowl and are looking to open an account, then take a look at our picks for the Top 5 Online Sportsbooks.

Database Headings

Player = Player Name

POS = Player Position

Team = Players Team

Bet Type = Passing, Rushing, Receiving, Combined

Betting Event = Completions, Yardage, Touchdowns..etc

Opp = Opponent Team

H/A = Based on the Players Team

Database Headings

Line = Bovada Betting Line

Odds = Bovada Odds

O/U = Over / Under Odds

Res = Player Results, Yardage, TD’s,…etc

Dif = Difference between Line & Results

W/L = Which covered, the Over or Under

Week = Week of the NFL season

Bovada Quarterback NFL Player Prop Bet Results - Updated 2019 Week 15a