Best Football Prop Betting Sites

All online sportsbooks offer odds on NFL prop betting on the Sunday, Thursday and Monday night games as well the playoffs and Super Bowl. When you are looking for the best online sportsbooks to make a football player prop bet or an NFL team prop bet there are three online sportsbooks that really standout.

#1 – The online sportsbook that is well known to sports gamblers in the USA for recreational gambling is also a top place to look for prop bets. I use the Bovada NFL prop bet odds to make my weekly picks because the offer a wide variety (60-70 NFL props) on every game. This is a great place to leverage your daily fantasy football picks on prop betting. Why Bovada. Good selections of prop bet lines, they always payout and the have top welcome bonus offers.

#2 MyBookie.agMyBookie online sportsbook offers NFL prop bets for all games of the season, and has live betting where you can make prop bets in real time while watching the game on TV. The team prop betting menu includes:
• Which Team Will Score First?
• Will There Be a Score in the First 7:30?
• Will The First Score be a Touchdown?
• Will The Team That Scores First Win the Game?
• Will Either Team Score 3 Unanswered Times?
• Will There Be A Score in the Last 2 Minutes of the First Half?
Like Bovada, MyBookie has a large selection of prop bets on every NFL game. What I really like about MyBookie is they have a very good mobile wagering platform and a lot of good bonus offers. Not just the welcome bonus but a good reload bonus and refer a friend bonus.

#3 – They have the NFL prop bets on quarterbacks like; how many passing yards, touchdowns, attempts and completions a quarterback will have in a game. They also offer prop betting lines on all NFL games along with some player prop bets on top college football games. The thing that really helps rise above other online sportsbooks is the Bitcoin welcome bonus. I have used Bitcoin for years and have benefited financially from it. One example is the Bitcoin Welcome Bonus is currently offering * 100% Bitcoin Welcome Bonus. Got to love the 100% bonus so if you use Bitcoin or are thinking about using Bitcoin. This is a just to max your bonus offer.

NFL Prop Betting Tip – Have more than one account. NFL game lines may vary a little from time to time but NFL player prop betting odds can vary by quite a lot. Why take a running back at over 70.5 rushing yards when another online sportsbook has the same running back listed at 67.5 yards? Online sportsbooks hate it when you do this but line shopping will make you money when you wager on football prop bets.


Examples of NFL team prop bets:

• Which team scores first?
• Which team scores last?
• Will the first score be a touchdown?
• Will the last score be a touchdown?
• Will someone score in the first 7 minutes?
• Will the team that scores first win the game?
• Will a safety be scored in the game?
• Will total points be odd or even?
• Which team makes a longer field goal?
• Over/unders on total field goals made.
• Spread bets on first downs made.
• Will there be a 1-yard touchdown in the game?
• Will there be a kickoff returned for a touchdown?
• Will either team convert a 4th down?
• 1st turnover is a fumble?
• 1st turnover is an interception?

NFL Player Prop Bet Examples

• Dez Bryant pass receptions over/under 2.5.
• Kareem Humt scores a touchdown?
• Tyreek Hill pass receptions over/under 4.5.
• Tom Brady passing yards over/under 258.5.
• JJ Watt solo+assisted tackles over/under 7.5.
• Carson Wentz TD passes over/under 1.5.
• Dez Bryant vs T.Y. Hilton in receiving yards? Hilton +10.5
• Ezekiel Elliott vs Kareem Hunt in rushing yards? Hunt -.5