NFL Player Prop Bet Picks 9-24-17 Week 3

NFL Week 3 began in San Francisco on Thursday night and will head to London for an early (to early for me in Las Vegas) game between the Ravens and Jaguars. I will be posting some individual game picks later so check back for these games.

The following NFL player prop betting predictions are based on odds provided by Bovada online sportsbook. There will be more odds released soon.
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NFL Week 3 Prop Betting Picks

Los Angeles Chargers Field Goals

The Los Angeles Chargers can not make a field goal. They are currently sitting at a 25% conversion rate and there is no reason to expect that to turn around this week. I know the tendency is to think they will stop attempting to hit field goals and just go for it on fourth down but you do not win NFL games by doing that. The Chargers will attempt a few field goals and at least one will be a long one if they want to have a chance to win against the Chiefs.

Ezekiel Elliot Rushing Yards

The Cowboys are going up against the Cardinals on Monday night football and this looks like a good opportunity for Elliot to bounce back after a poor game in Denver. However, I just don’t see it happening. Arizona should be able to shut down the Cowboys rushing game. The Cowboys just no longer have a legitimate star at wide receiver that worries the Cardinals now that Dez is getting older and slower. Taking the under on 90.5 yards as I have him at between 70 and 80 for the game.

New Orleans Saints Passing Defense

Total passing yards surrendered by the Saints is at 260.5. Really? I would bet on my mother to get that many yards against the New Orleans Saints defense. If Cam Newton can not generate a passing offense that gets close to if not over 300 yards then it is time for him to begin practicing for his broadcasting gig.

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