What is a football prop bet?


A football player prop bet is a wager on a player and the outcome is not directly related to the final score. A team prop bet is sometimes related to the final score (alternative line or total) or might not be such as a bet on the number of field goals a team makes.

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Here are some examples of football prop bets.

  • Will Tom Brady throw a touchdown?
  • Which team will score first?
  • Will the total points be odd or even?
  • How many field goals will be kicked
  • How many interceptions will both quarterbacks throw?

Like side/total bets some are hard and some can be found with research. One reason most gamblers do not make prop bets is the number of bets and the amount of research that would go into being a successful prop bettor. Here are some bets that I have found that are winnable if you do the research.

  • Over/under on a quarterbacks touchdown passes.
  • Over/under on a quarterbacks passing yards
  • Over/under on the number of sacks in a game

The quarterback is the focus of my prop betting just as it is the focus of my side and totals betting

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