NFL 2017 – 18 Quarterback Passing Yards Prop Bet Predictions

The NFL 2017-18 begins soon and it is time to get the bets in. One of player prop bets I like is the individual passing yards bet. It fits in well with my NFL fantasy football projections and it is a bet that I know will be widely available for line shopping. For these predictions I used the lines from sportsbook. Odds will be available from other online sportsbooks soon so do a little line shopping to get the best odds. sportsbook currently has a %50 Bonus Offer up to $2,500

What to expect from the NFL in 2017

More passing. The NFL has really gone out of its way to become a passing first league and teams see how effective it is on the field and at the box office. Just look at last years two Super Bowl teams and it is obvious how important the quarterback is. The Falcons could not have made it if not for an exceptional season by Matt Ryan. Of course you can always look at the Patriots and know if Brady is on the field they will score and have a chance to win it all.

2017 NFL Quarterback Prop Bet Picks

Below are my bets. I have 8 quarterbacks going over and 5 going under. If you do not see a quarterback listed it is because I did not make a bet on him. Maybe the line is right or I am waiting for a little more info. Look at the total number of bets again. I spread the money over 13 picks. If you are going to make a serious attempt to bet for a living then I suggest you spread your money over at least 5 bets. There might be one guy who you want to put on your money on but there are just too many injuries in the NFL to do that. Not just season ending injuries but ankle sprains that will cost a guy 3 or 4 weeks and end any chance of going over the total.

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