NFL Hall of Fame Game

2017 NFL Hall of Fame Game Prop Betting Odds
Dallas Cowboys vs Arizona Cardinals

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Football NFL Props Money Line 
Dallas Cowboys vs Arizona Cardinals – Thursday, August 03, 2017 8:00 PM
2101   D.Prescott 1st pass complete -195 
2102   D.Prescott 1st pass not complete +155 
2103   C.Palmer 1st pass complete -175 
2104   C.Palmer 1st pass not complete +135 
2105   K.Moore 1st pass complete -165 
2106   K.Moore 1st pass not complete +125 
2107   D.Stanton 1st pass complete -145 
2108   D.Stanton 1st pass not complete +105 
2109   L.McCown 1st pass complete -170 
2110   L.McCown 1st pass not complete +130 
2111   B.Gabbert 1st pass complete -155 
2112   B.Gabbert 1st pass not complete +115 
2113   T.Knight 1st pass complete -130 
2114   T.Knight 1st pass not complete -110 
2115   C.Rush 1st pass complete -130 
2116   C.Rush 1st pass not complete -110