Bovada NFL Player Prop Bet Odds

Bovada sportsbook has released the 2017 NFL Player Prop Bet Odds. It isn’t always easy to search for the odds on the Bovada website so I have them here in a searchable format. I will be releasing more NFL player prop bet picks as we get closer to the NFL Kickoff on September 7th.

NFL Fantasy Football – Prop Betting Odds

If you are going to play a season long fantasy football game. I recommend taking a look at what the online sportsbooks think a player will do this year. If you are new to looking at betting odds. Just don’t take a look at a the projected yards. Also look at how the betting odds have changed. A player may have a line of 750 rushing yards but the over is now -140. This means the odds have changed because a lot of money on the over has caused the payout on the over to decrease.

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