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2017 NFL Quarterback Passing Yards Prop Bet Futures Prediction

There are a lot of NFL futures bets available. Most people are familiar with team futures betting such as who will win Super Bowl 52 or the over under for team win totals. Those are the most popular, however that is far from all of them. There are also many player prop betting options on the board. One of my favorites is the NFL QB Passing Yards Leader bet. I am going to give you a few things to key on and then I will make my picks.

Things to consider before making an NFL futures bet

  • How healthy is he
  • How good is the offensive line
  • Does the offensive coordinator keep passing when the team is in the lead
  • Free agent acquisitions/losses
  • Line shopping

Most of the above items are obvious to most gamblers on the NFL. The one that most sports bettors fail on is line shopping. Think of the return difference on Cam Newton. At MyBoookie a $100 bet would win $600. However, the same $100 bet at would win $1,000. That is $400 more in my pocket for taking two minutes to do a little line shopping. Even if you do not like my picks I suggest you take a look at the line difference on the guy you want to bet on and take full advantage of different lines. If you don’t have an account at one of the sportsbooks with the best line then you are in luck. Not only can you get a betting line but you can also get a welcome bonus to bump up your betting. See our NFL Futures Odds Grid below

2017 NFL QB Futures Predictions

You might think I am cheating to make four picks. But, if you bet on just one quarterback you are doing yourself a disservice. A lot of fans will just bet on their teams quarterback and that is fine. However, if you are in it for the money then spread the money around. All you need to do to ruin your futures bet is to see the one quarterback you bet on go down with an ACL in the first game of the season to understand that spreading the money around is better for your bankroll. One good thing about futures betting is that all of the quarterbacks have odds over +400 which means if any of them hit then I make money.

Current NFL Futures Odds NFL futures odds NFL futures Odds NFL futures odds

Aaron Rodgers Green Bay Packers:

2016 stats 65.7 completion percentage, 4,428 yards, 40 TDs, 7 INTs

Year after year he performs. Last year he got off to a slow start in the first three games of the season and still managed over 4,400 passing yards. I am looking for a better start this year. He is also a guy who stays healthy which is a must. Another thing I like about Rodgers is he loves to throw deep and will at anytime in the game. All he needs is for the offense around him to stay healthy and he can hit the 5,000 yard mark.

Aaron Rodgers futures bet at at +1000

Tom Brady New England Patriots:

2016 stats 6745 completion percentage, 3,554 yards, 28 TDs, 2 INTS

I hate Tom Brady. OK, it is envy not hate. One day Tom Brady will start to look old. But, a lot of people have lost money betting on that day. After missing four games last year he still had over 3,500 yards passing. Could he have hit 5,000 if he had a full season? We may find out.

What did the Patriots do to help Brady in 2017? They added wide receiver Brandin Cooks and tight end Dwayne Allen, who will line up alongside a healthy Rob Gronkowski. If Rob is healthy all year then Brady will do better this year than last year.

Tom Brady futures bet at Bovada at +550

Derek Carr Oakland Raiders:

2016 stats 63.8 completion percentage, 3,937 yards, 28 TDs, 6 INTs

Derek Carr has arrived and is a serious MVP candidate. If you doubt how important he is. Did you watch the playoff loss without him?  If not for a broken leg late last year we may have gotten to see Brady vs Carr. Maybe this year? There maybe some questions about his yardage total with the addistion  of running back Marshawn Lynch. I think it will help by forcing the linebackers to play the run more. No question that the Raiders are a pass first offense but they need to have a running threat to maximize the receivers potential.

Derek Carr futures bet at +4000

Checkout the line difference on this bet!!

Cam Newton Carolina Panthers:

2016 stats 52.9 completion percentage, 3,509 passing yards, 19 TDs, 14 INTs

Cam Newton posted a lot of career lows in 2016. He became less accurate and ended up with in a completion percentage of only 52 percent. Why? He was sacked 36 times in 2016 and he was hit over and over when he ran. All of those hits lead to minor shoulder surgery in the off-season. The reports are that he will be healthy and ready to go in week one.

Lets not forget. This is the guy who two years ago almost single handily pushed the Panthers offense to a Super Bowl title. I really like the number 8 overall pick Christian McCaffrey to help out Cam. As a slot or out of the backfield he can motor and make guys miss. This should mean fewer hits on Cam and several 10 yard passes that end up going for 40+ yards. Hey, if the running back goes 70 yards with a short pass it still counts. He is my long shot to win the passing title.

Cam Newton futures bet at +10,000

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