Using fantasy football stats for prop betting

How to use Daily Fantasy Football to make NFL Prop Bets

Was this you last year? You buy the fantasy football magazines. You do your online research. You’ve even got your phone set to get ESPN fantasy alerts. You book a week of fun & work by flying to Las Vegas so you can play with the big boys. Then it hits you. What am I doing? All of this work and what if one player gets hurt on my fantasy team?

Fantasy Football * A Primer to Prop Betting *

Lets start out with understanding fantasy football. There are a lot of things to look at such as what type of draft will you take part in? A snake draft or auction league or another derivation.
With the biggest weekend for fantasy football drafts taking place. You have to be ready for your year long league right now. Even some of the weekly leagues have early drafting. That is why Aug. 26-28 is the busiest weekend for daily fantasy football drafting.

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Types of Fantasy Leagues

There are four main types of fantasy football leagues you can join these days:

Snake Draft League:

This is, by far, the easiest league to draft in. It involves, say, 12 owners, who all draft in order. So once the first team’s owner takes the No. 1 pick, it goes down in order, sequentially, and then reverses course after the 12th pick, snaking backwards. And back and forth until the last pick is made.

Auction Draft League:

You bid for players with a fixed budget. Over spend on one or two players early and you will have nothing left later. In this league it takes more time to prepare than a snake league because requires a manager to effectively manage his budget. It is fairer than a snake league because everyone starts off with an equal opportunity to get any player.

Daily Fantasy Football Draft League:

Have you heard of DraftKings or FanDuel? If not then you probably don’t own a TV or watch sports. Hell even Yahoo Sports and ESPN have launched daily or weekend contests. They operate slightly differently in that each player has a fixed price and you must adjust your daily fantasy budget to get the most value out of your budget for that week. It is common for top players to have  multiple teams and to play in mutliple formats. Since I live in Las Vegas I am no longer allowed to play on Draftkings or Fanduel. However, I can use my same daily fantasy football research to make prop bets on players during the regular season. In fact this is what started me on my football prop betting. When the State of Nevada called DFS gambling and forced Draftkings & Fanduel out. I just used the same research to start making prop bets. Funny thing is, I made more prop betting than I did on DFS.

Using DFS Research for Prop Bets

These are the basic things you should always research if you are doing daily fantasy football.

  • Injuries
  • Matchups
  • Weather Reports
  • Coordinators

Now, you have spent hours of research getting your perfect team together or more likely if you want to win some money your perfect teams together. You have spent hours getting several lineups ready for this Sunday’s NFL games. Well, there are ways to maximize your effort. In fact, if you were thinking of turning fantasy football into a job or at least a way to earn some extra money then you know that you need to spend hours doing your research. So, why not leverage the work you have already done to make prop bets. In a daily fantasy football team you must draft several position players; quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, a defense and, maybe a kicker. Sounds reasonable but what if you know there are two quarterbacks who are going to over perform as compared to the DFS salary Draftkings has provided. Well, of course you will take them but what if those are the only two players who you really like? In a DFS draft you are stuck with other players who may or may not perform well.

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NFL Prop Bet Real Example

Cam Newton Prop Bet Odds

Cam Newton Prop Bet Odds

Making a Football Prop Bet

In prop betting odds you will find each player listed individually. An example would be:

Cam Newton Over/Under 240.5 yards (-115)

This would mean you ONLY care what he does. If he throws for 241 or more yards you win your bet. I originally started using daily fantasy football stats because of situations where I had my DFS research done and I had a couple of players I just wanted to play on all of my fantasy teams. I began to bet on them each week and started making more money doing prop bets than on daily fantasy football. When the State of Nevada outlawed DFS I sat down and ran the numbers on it to see if it was worth continuing. It is and the reason is fewer variables. In a DFS league I have several guys who can sink a team. And lets face it on any team you draft there are a couple of iffy players. So, by moving to prop betting I just eliminated all of the players I wasn’t confident in. Some weeks I will play on 3 or 4 players and other weeks I will be on 9+ players. It all comes down to which players I like to over or under perform.

How to Get Started DFS Prop Betting

The best way is to work into it slowly. I would recommend that you do your normal daily fantasy football research and then take a few minutes to pick out the guys who you think will just dominate that week. Place your bets only on the top players. A must is to track your players like a small business. Don’t only track the ones you bet on but also rank the other players into tiers. I have 4 tiers of players each week. The top tier are the ones I bet on. The 2nd tier are ones I liked but just not enough to pull the trigger. The 3rd tier were ones that I had no interest in and the 4th tier are ones I assign to a test. Yes, each week I test a new formula or strategy. Then I just run my ROI reports to see how they do.

College Football Prop Betting

Know your college football. If you do then there is plenty of opportunity to play games all week. There will be so many games with so many players it is easier to find “soft” lines in the college game than in the pro. If you are a guy who knows college football, even if it is just one conference then this is a money maker.

Football Prop Betting Bonus

Want to give it a try? Then the best thing to do is use the sportsbook welcome bonus to build your bankroll. Below are the top online sportsbooks. The one that offers the most football prop bets is Bovada sportsbook so we will list them first.

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