How to make money Live Betting on the NFL

Reason Live Betting Can be Quite Profitable

You are not betting against the house. Take a slot machine. In order for the casino to make a profit you must lose. But not on sports wagering. As long as the bookmaker keeps his line tight you can win and he can make a profit. Always remember that sports betting is like poker in that you are betting against other gamblers and not the house.

Live Betting Lines from Bovada

In live sports wagering the odds are on the board for such a limited time you might actually be betting against the house. If all of the action is on one side of a live bet there isn’t much time for the bookmaker (his computer program) to adjust the line to get action on the other side. What will happen is if the line is reposted after the next play. The line will then be adjusted to try and even out the bet. Lets say, will the Broncos score on this drive is posted at +200 and all of the action is on yes they will. After the next play the line will be adjusted to get action on no they will not score. This can make some strange line moves when a team gets closer to scoring but the line might move against them scoring. The reason is the bookmakers computer program is trying to even out the bets and not taking a look at the probability of a team scoring.

In pre-game betting the closing line, meaning the line just prior to the game starting, represents the opinion of hundreds of the sharpest bettors in the world. In live betting odds do quickly settle in, but initially, the shifts and changes as the match progresses represent the opinion of a much smaller pool of gamblers. This also means that some amateur can actually move a live betting line substantially because the amount wagered is significantly lower than the pre-game betting.