Live Betting on the Super Bowl
Mobile in game wagering

Are you going to go to the Super Bowl? How about staying at home with friends and watch the game on TV? Think you know what will happen on first down? How about second and long? Well, you can increase the fun of the Super Bowl with mobile live wagering. Yes, you can download an app and start playing now on your Android or iPhone device.

Save the money you would spend on flying to Las Vegas and renting an overpriced hotel room to be crammed in with a bunch of other guys. Instead you can use that money to open an online sports wagering account and make bets on your phone. Think of it. While a bunch of guys are spending thousands of dollars to stand in line and try and get their bets in you can be sitting in your living room or at your favorite sports bar making bets on your phone in an instant. No lines. No overpriced airline flights and hotels. Oh, and did I mention you can get a bonus to bet from home? Think of all of the money you just saved and add that to your welcome bonus and you just started a nice bankroll.

How to get started. First and foremost…open your account BEFORE you want to bet. Don’t wait until the last second. This will give you time to get used to the mobile wagering interface and get a few bets in to get comfortable. The second recommendation is to have more than one sports betting account so you can shop for the best betting line.

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