Super Bowl LI Game Prop Bets Picks

These are the prop betting predictions that are can be won by either team or by a player on either team. First player to score a touchdown, who will win Super Bowl LI MVP…etc

Team to score first wins game

The team to record the first score in the Super Bowl has gone on to win the game 34 times (34-16, 68%), which includes each of the last six Super Bowls.

Will the team that scores first win the game. Yes, (-160) at

Total Penalties by Both Teams

During the 2016 NFL season, Cheffers’ crew called an average of 12.82 penalties per game for an average of 109.94 penalty yards per game. This season, the league average was 13.33 penalties per game for 117.11 penalty yards per game.
The last thing the NFL wants is for its biggest game of the year to turn into a ref show complete with yellow flags bringing the game to a halt. Don’t be surprised if this officiating crew allows the Falcons and Patriots a lot of leeway. Over the last ten Super Bowls, the average number of total penalties enforced per game is 11.9.

Total penalties both teams under 11.5 (-110) at Bovada

Super Bowl 51 MVP Prop Bet Pick

The 50 previous Super Bowls MVP was awarded to: a quarterback 27 times, a wide receiver 6 times, a running back 6 times, a linebacker 3 times, a defensive lineman 3 times, a cornerback twice and a safety, fullback and specialist once apiece.

I have two picks to spread out the risk. I do not see the Falcons winning without a big day by Matt Ryan and I have Dion Lewis set to have a big day in my other prop bets.

Matt Ryan to win Super Bowl MVP (190) at Bovada

Dion Lewis to win Super Bowl MVP (3,300) at Bovada

Super Bowl 51 First Score Prop Bet Pick

Through 50 Super Bowls the first scores are: Touchdown 24 times, field goal 23 times, safety three times.

Field goal or Safety to bet first score (+165) at

Super Bowl 51 Player to Score First Touchdown

The previous 50 Super Bowls first touchdown by position: Wide receiver 23, running back 14, defense/special teams 5, tight end 4, quarterback 2, fullback 2. I am placing bets on two players. While they are both running backs, they are also good receivers.

Tevin Coleman to score first touchdown (1400) at Bovada

Dion Lewis to score first touchdown (1400) at Bovada

Super Bowl LI Margin of Victory Prop Bet

I like the Patriots to win the game and I have money on them at -3 points. But, it might be a close game so I also like this prop bet that will also cover me on a 3 point Patriots victory. A tip on this bet. If you are going to do “Live Betting” like I am. If the Patriots get up by more than 7 points at anytime in the game then I will make a bet on the Falcons. I should be able to get them at +10 when the Pats have a 7 point lead.

Patriots MOV 1-6 points (350) at Bovada

Will both teams have the lead during the 1st half?

I like the game to be close in the first half with both teams having the lead at one point so I am betting yes on this one.

Yes. Both teams will have the lead in 1st half (+115) Bovada

What will be higher on Super Bowl Sunday

Total points scored by the New England Patriots or total points scored by Micheal Westbrook? OKC is playing a Portland team that can really give up some points and score some (the over is 216.5). Look for Westbrook to get into the upper 30’s and edge out the Patriots in total points.

Westbrook to score more than Patriots (120) at Bovada